Fall Leather Jacket: Tom Hiddleston on Interview Magazine

Fall Leather Jacket. Are you looking for the most fabulous fall leather jacket for men? Well, you might want to check out this fabulous leather jacket on Tom Hiddleston. Very cool, huh? It’s from the Coach leather menswear collection so check ’em out.

fall leather jacket 2016 - coach on tom hiddleston

For those of you who would rather buy a fall leather coat instead of a fall leather jacket, Tom’s modeling some of those too. Check out, for instance, his fall leather coat from the Bottega Veneta menswear collection. [Want more mens leather jackets?]

fall leather jacket and coat by bottega venetta

Here’s another leather coat. Unfortunately, we can’t find the label behind the outfit but this trench coat is from the David Casavant archive.

fall leather jacket - trench coat 2016

By the by, these photos are courtesy of Interview Magazine (photos by Steve Klein) which is featuring Tom in its September 2016 issue. Want to see Tom in a police uniform? Of course you do!


And here’s our favorite Tom Hiddleston photo from this bunch; check him lookin’ oh-so-shaggable in his jumpsuit. Question: Is his fly open or is that simply fashion style?


The jumpsuit is from the Phillip Lim collection, for those of you wondering.

Now, the above pics were accompanied by an interview with Tom Hiddleston conducted by his buddy Benedict Cumberbatch. Here are some interesting tidbits from the interview:

On what he is grateful for: I feel so grateful to my mother and father for a happy childhood. There are things I now understand that they were able to give me that are very special. And I think the early years, the first decade of your life, is the most formative in a way. Other than that, I’m grateful for people who have believed in me when others might not have.

On what he fears: Mine is regret. I fear looking back and wishing I had done things I hadn’t. It’s interesting, I read this extraordinary article about a book, many years ago, by an Australian nurse who is a specialist in palliative care. It was her job to help people on their way out, to ease their pain. So she spent a lot of time with people in their last days and weeks. And she felt so moved by the accumulated experience, because she heard people say such similar things. Weirdly enough, at the top of the list was, “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.”

On what film era he would go back to: There are two great eras that I still revere. I’m bowled over in awe and admiration by the uninterrupted takes of the dancing of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and Gene Kelly. There’s no “We’re going to fix it in post.” I was watching a clip from Swing Time [1936] and … What’s his name in Singin’ in the Rain [1952]? “Make ‘Em Laugh”? Donald O’Connor! I watch those films in awe. That was a different kind of performance. And the second one is the ’70s.

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