Fady Elsayed Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend?

Fady Elsayed Shirtless Update. Seven years later, how’s our imaginary Egyptian beau doing these days? Well, we are happy to note that his career continues to grow and that he continues to look great with his sculpted washboard abs and all. Oh, he is also starring in a show called Gangs of London which you can check out on AMC if you are in the good ole US of A. Hey, did we mention he’s got sculpted abs? Yup we did! Here’s a pic of him looking like a Greek god from his Insta (follow him @ifadyelsayed).

fady elsayed shirtless now

And here’s Fady looking hawt as heck in an episode of the British TV drama Little Birds. Unfortunately, we haven’t got the opportunity to watch it so we don’t know what’s happening here. Screencap is courtesy of auscaps2.

fady elsayed gay or straight

Fady Elsayed Shirtless Photos. This post is for fellow Famewatchers who are looking for Fady Elsayed shirtless pics. The 23-year-old British/Egyptian actor is one of the stars of the TV series Class on BBC. The show just started airing and it is getting pretty good reviews so far.

But enough about the show because we know you are more interested in these Fady Elsayed shirtless photos. Let’s start with our favorite shirtless pic of our guy. [Want more Egyptian hunks? Check out our post on Rami Malek.]

fady elsayed shirtless - class

Actually, we also love this one.

fady elsayed shirtless sexy

Our Fady posing near the Dead Sea during a 2014 vacation. He posted this on his twitter account (follow him at @iFadyElsayed) with the following message: “do yourself a favour and visit the Dead Sea”.

fady elsayed shirtless

We sure will follow his suggestion once we made the money and the time to go a-visitin’ Egypt, Israel, and the surrounding countries. It’s in our bucket list.

Fady Elsayed Underwear. Our hunky actor gives us a peek of his underwear. Unfortunately, we don’t see enough to determine whether he’s wearing boxers or briefs.

fady elsayed underwear - boxers or briefs

Fady Elsayed Gay or Straight? We sure don’t know. But he is much more likely to be straight than to be gay. We’re just going by statistics. Hehe.

Fady Elsayed Girlfriend. Is he dating anyone these days? What is his current relationship status? Unfortunately for the curious among us, we don’t have the info on this matter. But we will update this post once we find out whether our Fady has a girlfriend.

Let’s end this post with a photo of our British hunk looking dapper in his suit. Dayummm!

fady elsayed sexy suit

Update on Fady Elsayed Underwear Preference: He apparently wears boxers, specifically Calvin Klein boxers underwear. How do we know this? Because he tells us in an interview with candidmagazine.com: “I love The Kooples; I’m a huge fan of their shirts and suits. G-Star, Burberry and All Saints – I love. Armani, Prada, Calvin Klein (boxers especially). On a casual day an Adidas tracksuit and trainers is perfect.”

Fady Elsayed Height. For those of you asking, he is 5’10” (1.78 m) according to his IMDB profile.

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