Eric McCormack Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Eric McCormack Underwear and Shirtless Photos. Eric McCormack in his underwear? What’s not to like. Well, you are liking our post on our 1990s TV boyfriend Thomas Gibson (see Thomas Gibson Underwear) so we thought we’d do another post on another older TV star, Eric McCormack aka the gay Will Truman in Will and Grace.

eric mccormack shirtless

Here’s our Eric stripped to his blue boxer shorts for a stage play that we, unfortunately, are too lazy to find out more about. Haha. Sorry. Hehe.

eric mccormack underwear - boxer shorts

Who cares about what the stage play is about, we’re just interested in Eric’s undies aren’t we? And shirtless photos of the Canadian hunk too, of course.

eric mccormack shirtless photos

Eric and Sean or (more appropriately Will and Jack), sitting on a tree.

eric mccormack will and grace

Is turtleneck gay? Of course not! It’s for anyone. And, as we noted before, it will never go out of style. [See Designer Turtleneck Sweaters for Men.]

eric mccormack fashion style

Look who’s auditioning to be included to our list of Men Who Wear Women’s Clothes. It’s Eric! But don’t ask us why he is in drag because we don’t have the answer for yah. We’re love, love, loving this Eric McCormack underwear briefs!!!

eric mccormack underwear drag queen

Erik goes back to his Scottish roots by wearing the most Scottish menswear ever – the kilt. Since he is also part Cherokee, wouldn’t it be cool to see Eric in a traditional Cherokee outfit?

eric mccormack kilt

Erik performing in all-leather. Wowza. That tight leather pants look hawt on him and we’d like to buy something like that for our hubs.

eric mccormack leather pants

Now, those of you who are missing Eric on your TV would be happy to know that he’s actually back via a TNT crime drama series, Perception. The first season actually ends today, September 17, but its been renewed for a second season. So there will be more Eric in your small screen. Yay!

We hope the show continues to do well in the ratings so the powers-that-be will continue to renew the show again and again and again.

Eric McCormack Underwear and Shirtless Photos posted 17 September 2012. Updated 3 April 2017.