Eric Hadar vs Richard Hadar: Father vs. Son Lawsuit

Someone should make a TV movie out of the life of real estate tycoon Eric Hadar. He’s got a very interesting life that involves drug charges, custody battles, and a court case against his father. According to the New York Post, Eric, the overseer of a $500 million property portfolio was arrested in October after Yonkers cops stopped him for erratic driving and found cocaine, oxycodone and hundreds of Valium, Xanax and Oxycontin pills in his car.

To his credit, he tried to sober up by spending rehab time in a Pennsylvania rehab facility and, again, at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. After his treatment however, his father Richard – who ran his empire while the younger Hadar is in rehab – refused to hand it back.

More from the NY Post:

Richard Hadar claims it wasn’t until he took over Allied Partners that he “became aware of significant problems with Eric Hadar’s management,” according to a lawsuit he filed against his son on Feb. 11.

Hadar alleges his son abused employees, was habitually absent, and used company funds to renovate his Manhattan apartment and sprawling Bedford Hills home.

The son claims in his own Feb. 5 lawsuit against his dad that his father “feigned support” during his rehab stint. Eric Hadar has asked a judge to force arbitration of the management dispute.

“I love my father very Much, and this has been a difficult situation,” Hadar said. “I hope and expect that it will get resolved.”

Ahh, don’t you just love family dynamics like this? Nah, not really, we here at Famewatcher are all for families sticking together which is probably why we like to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Hehe. Say what you will about those skanks but you gotta admit that they’ve got a family that sticks together. It’s interesting to watch father and son going against each other in the movies and TV dramas but its sad when it happens in real life. Right? We hope Eric and Richard find a way to settle their problems and differences.