Eric Bana Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Wife, and Family

Eric Bana Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Wife, and Family. Seven years later, we are updating this post to bring you more Eric Bana awesomeness.

You already know that he started out as a comedian with his own TV show but, did you know that he won several acting awards in his very first movie Chopper which was released twenty years ago?

Yup, our hunky Australian has proven from the get go that he’s got the goods not only in the comedic department but in drama as well. Specifically, he bagged best actor awards from the Australian Film Institute, Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards, the Inside Film Awards, and the Stockholm Film Festival.

eric bana shirtless in chopper 2000

Want more shirtless photos of a young Eric? Here’s one from the 2004 movie Troy.

eric bana shirtless in troy 2004

From his Australian TV show, Full Frontal.

eric bana young shirtless full frontal

From a photoshoot:

eric bana shirtless body

Not shirtless but here’s a fresh-faced Eric as a youngin.

eric bana young

Eric Bana Gay or Straight? He played a gay animated character in the 2009 animated movie Mary and Max but he is a straight guy who’s been married to wife Rebecca Gleeson since 1997. The couple are proud parents to two children.

eric bana wife rebecca gleeson

Want more hot Australian men?

Eric Bana Underwear: Red Briefs, Tighty Whities, and Long Johns (24 January 2013). What would you do if you saw Eric Bana showering in his underwear in a public place like a gas station? If you are like our adventurous friend Deena, you would drop your clothes and join the Aussie hunk in the shower. But if you are a policeman (or policewoman for that matter), you should arrest Eric and book him for public indecency or public display of underwear or whatever case is filed against men who shower in public.

Apparently, that’s exactly what happened years ago when the Australian hunk first arrived in the United States and was trying to establish his place under the Hollywood sun.

Contact Music reports: “The Black Hawk Down star went on a solo tour of the states when he moved to America in the early 1990s and slept in his Mustang when he was too broke to afford a hotel. Driving around and desperate for a shower, Bana pulled into the nearest gas station for a quick rinse – but police were called to the scene before he had time to pull up his pants.”

He says, “I slept in the car a lot. I wanted to experience everything the county had to offer… I got done (arrested) for taking a shower in the gas station. I just got under it (the facet) and turned it on. I was not nekkid. I had my jocks (underwear) on. I was able to wash my hair.”

Do you think the policeman would still have arrested him if he was wearing a pair of long johns underwear like the one he’s wearing in his 2011 movie, Hanna?

eric banna long johns underwear

Now, most of know Eric (real full name: Eric Banadinović) as a hunky action star and leading man who is one of the manliest actors in Hollywood but did you know that he actually started his career as a comedian who impersonated the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Tom Cruise in the Australian TV show, Full Frontal?

If we are not mistaken Eric Bana’s underwear pics below are from his Full Frontal comedy sketches:

eric bana briefs underwear

eric bana underwear - tighty whitie briefs - full frontal

And here’s Eric (as Poida, probably his most popular character).

eric bana full frontal underwear

Man, we tell you this guy is not only gifted in the acting or talent department. Haha. Anyhoo, here’s Eric Bana as the mullet-haired Poida (supposedly Peter but he pronounces his name as Poida). Reminds you of Billy Ray Cyrus aka Miley Cyrus’ dad?

eric bana as poida

Did you think Poida would grow up to be a hunky hunk of a man with one of the world’s best biceps?

eric bana bulging biceps

Our Eric chillin’ in the swimming pool.

eric bana speedo swimsuit

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