Equmen Reviews By Its Celebrity Brand Ambassadors

Equmen Reviews By Jocks and Rock Stars. When you read our post about Equmen nearly five years ago, did you imagine that this body-slimming brand from Australia will go on to conquer the world? Us neither. We thought men it will only have some niche appeal but the brand has grown swimmingly and is now being sold in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. Color Us Impressed.

equmen reviews - Jarret Janako - Equmen celebrity ambassadors

Proof that the Equmen brand has “arrived” is the fact that it was able to sign up several celebrities to be its brand ambassadors. Surely these people would not associate themselves to the brand if they don’t like it, no? [Want more Mens Body Compression Shirts?]

Equmen Reviews By Brand Ambassadors. What do these celebrity endorsers say about Equmen? What do they like about it and how do their Equmen outfits suited them and their individual personal needs. Well, let’s quote them, shall we?

Jurica Cvjetko (Croatian triathlete): EQUMEN enables me to be at my best. Using the latest high performance athletic technologies, Equmen precision-fit seamless compression wear is engineered to optimise and energise the body, ‘from street to sport, work to weekend’. After hard training, I typically wear the Equmen core precision undergarments under casual clothes or sometimes workout gear. I chose Equmen undergarments because it looks good, feels good and actually does you good! Being given the opportunity to wear products of a high-end Australian brand combined with edgy and skilled marketing approach makes me feel special also in everyday’s life.

James Smith (Australian Cricketer): Posture and core stability are very important when I bat. Equmen offers just the right amount of support and comfort to ensure my body remains strong for those long innings in the middle.

Josh Bidwell (Retired NFL Footballer): In this video testimony, the American football punter tells us that Equmen “limited a lot of his backpain issues”. Watch:

Bronson Arroyo (Baseball Player): As a professional Athlete I deal with injuries every day, especially back pain. I was apprehensive to try Equmen, but loved it as soon as I put it on. The compression fit really makes my back feel better and love that I can wear it under my uniform, workout gear and every day clothes.

Michael Cranmer (Australian Cricketer): The undershirts are fantastic for recovery. And, unlike the other compression brands, I can subtly wear the really cool looking Equmen under any type of clothing. [Our comment: Come on Michael, we’re pretty sure you can also wear Spanx for men [see: Spanx Celebrities] under any type of clothing. Hehe. Admittedly, we’re just being nitpicky.]

David Haye (World Boxing Champ): Core stability and support are extremely important in boxing. Equmen provides the extra solidarity I need during training and helps prevent injury.

equmen reviews by celebrity ambassadors - boxer david haye

Photo Caption: That’s a pic of David preparing for a bout in his Equmen workout shirt.

Now, as it happens, sports jocks are not the only ones who need and who love them their Equmen shirts. Rock stars, TV presenters, ballet dancers, writers, and boy band members tried wearing Equmen and loved it too. Here are some of their Equmen reviews:

Jazmon Voss (Ballet Dancer): I love the top! I thought as well as supporting me it was very flattering on the body… The three quarter sleeves gave it a more comfortable fit.

Mark Chapman (BBC Presenter): Equmen gives me good body definition – because even though I train regularly at the gym I don’t have a natural six pack or pecs, so the shirt gives me that look.

Ben Shephard (ITV Presenter): I have always suffered from lower back problems so the support that Equmen offers me is great and I love the vests and T-shirts.

Jarret Janako (Actor and Model): The core precision tank is a perfect fit, very slimming! I really feel the sup- port in my back, I’ve never tried on a tank like it. Supportive undergarments are very important when working out and I think they’ve mastered it. [Note: He is the guy pictured in the very top of this post.]

That’s it for now, ReviewWatchers. Have any of you tried Equmen? What was it like? Do you agree with the above Equmen reviews given by its celebrity ambassadors? Or do you have a different (negative) experience with the product? Do tell in the comment section. Danke!

Equmen Reviews by Brand Ambassadors posted 7 July 2014. Updated 24 February 2017.