Epke Zonderland Underwear Model and Olympic Gold Medalist

Epke Zonderland Underwear Model and Olympic Gold Medalist. Dutch hottie Epke Zonderland an Olympic gold medal in London 2012. We think he deserves another gold medal for modeling underwear with flying colors. We can only hope that those silly people of Jockeys Underwear will hire Epke as their model instead of that useless NFL footballer that is Tim “You Can Only Take Pictures of My Back” Tebow.

epke zonderland shirtless

Anyhoo, here are photos of Epke in his boxer briefs made by a company called Le Coq Sportif. Want more Dutch male models?

epke zonderland underwear model

Does this LeCoq underwear remind you of tennis great Bjorn Borg’s underwear line?

epke zonderland briefs underwear

According to wikipedia, Le Coq Sportif is a French company that makes sportswear such as shoes, shorts, and T-shirts. And, based on Epke’s photos above, men’s underwear too. Apart from Europe, Le Coq is apparently also famous in South Korea and Japan.

But enough with Le Coq, let’s go back to our Dutch gymnast boyfriend and his underwear, shall we? Check him out in his black underwear.

epke zonderland shirtless

Wowza! Look at his washboard abs. Didn’t we tell you that male gymnasts are the sexiest and hottest of all Olympians? You need proof? Exhibit A: Epke Zonderland. Want more Hot Male Gymnasts?

epke zonderland underwear

Epke Zonderland, for those of you who missed the men’s gymnastics competition in the London 2012 Olympic Games, is a Dutch gymnast who bagged the gold medal for the horizontal bars event in the recently concluded Games. This is his first Olympic medal ever but he’s got a collection of medals (gold or otherwise) from other international competitions which include a gold medal in the European Championships (2011 Berlin), two gold medals from the World Cup (2006 Tehran and 2007 Glasgow), and two silver medals from the World Championships (2009 London and 2010 Rotterdam).

epke zonderland olympic gold medalist

His specializes in the horizontal bar and its obvious in pic above that he’s pretty good at it. Epke is from Lemmer in the Netherlands. He is 26 years old so he will be thirty during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games — he’d be considered an “oldie” by then but not too old to compete and possibly win another medal.

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