Enrique Iglesias Hair Transplant, Wig, Hair Plugs, or Whatever?

Enrique Iglesias Hair Transplant? (Posted 30 May 2015, updated 29 November 2021) Did Enrique Iglesias undergo some hair transplant procedure? Some internetizens seem to thinks so. While others believe that he either wears a wig or a toupee.

But why would some people think that our beautiful Latino hunk – who once stated that he’d like to have a Brazilian wax in his nether regions – would need a hair transplant or a wig or a toupee? Doesn’t he have the most gorgeous hair in the history of showbiz? If this ain’t good hair on Enrique then we don’t know what is!!

enrique iglesias gorgeous hair

On the other hand, it is worth noting that our Latino crooner did exhibit some kind of receding hair line back when he was younger. Check out this one, for instance, which does show some sign of male pattern baldness.

enrique iglesias bald receding hairline

Enrique Iglesias Hair Transplant Before and After Photos. And then there’s these before and after images showing photos of the Don’t Turn Off the Lights back in 1996 when he was only 21 yeas old and a more “recent” one taken in 2010. Notice the difference?

Enrique Iglesias hair transplant now and then

Anyhoo, here are some what hair specialists are saying about Enrique’s hair (baldcelebrities.net): “If you want an example of something that is quite peculiar when it comes to hair, take a look at Enrique Iglesias. It seems that Enrique Iglesias suffers from Type IV hair loss and he is aware of it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t see his hairline oscillating. However, this is not a direct issue of the hair loss, not at all. In fact, his altered hair line that changes its height from one appearance to the other is due to a hair piece that he wears. He covers his front area of the head with the aid of a piece that, unfortunately, is not able to do too much justice when it comes to his condition.”

In an open letter to Enrique, the dude behind Hollywood Hair Loss does not believe that our singer has not undergone a hair transplant and is encouraging him to get one: “I’m surprised your publicist never encouraged you to look into a hair transplant. From what I can tell, it doesn’t look like you got one. It’s pretty obvious there is some recession. You always wear a hat, your hair is almost always combed forward. It looks good, don’t get me wrong. But my heightened senses and years of obsessive training tell me that something is up. Your dad is bald and it’s likely that hair loss will continue to plague you. I feel for you actually. Well not that much. I would rather be you than feel sorry for you. Plus, Propecia will halt your hair loss and it seems that it may have already worked it’s magic. But you are in the public eye and it’s really not cool to be losing your hair.”

Probably the most telling indicator that Enrique has some hair loss issues is the fact that his hairstyle has remained basically the same. We never see him with shorter hair because his hair is always “longish” which gives credence to observations that he wears a wig or a toupee.

Anyhoo, whatever is going on with Enrique’s hair, there is no denying that the guy is the embodiment of hot, hot, hot. Come to think of it, we think he can actually rock the bald look. Who would not want to jump in bed with this guy?

enrique iglesias hair transplant or wig

Let’s end this post with this funny photo of Enrique with a “Superman-style” underwear.

enrique iglesias body and underwear

Enrique Iglesias Hair Transplant, Wig, Hair Plugs, or Whatever? Posted 30 May 2015. Last updated: November 29, 2021 at 3:20 am.