Emmanuel Jay Zidor Gay Singer on American Idol – Boyfriend?

Emmanuel Jay Zidor Gay Shirtless Singing Hunk. Here’s another singer who’s rumored to have made it to the Top 31 of American Idol XIII. His name is Emmanuel Zidor but goes by Jay Zidor. His social media accounts indicates, and our gaydar tells us, that he is gay.

emmanuel jay zidor gay shirtless -is he gay

And this guy may (or may not) be his boyfriend:

jay zidor boyfriend - maybe - facebook

Awww. Family, friend, or boyfriend? Looks like love to us! If these two are lovebirds we sure hope Jay brings him to the show and that the guy gets introduced to us in the audience like when, you know, the camera gives us a glimpse of a contestant’s family/friends/supporters while s/he is singing. It would be an American Idol first.

jay zidor boyfriend - nice

Jay Zidor is fierce. If his American Idol dream does not work out, he might want to try out for America’s Next Top Model and give those ANTM models a run for their money.

zidor gay american idol - is he gay

A photo for those of you who are looking for Jay in his underwear. That’s his underwear, right?

zidor gay underwar -is he gay - american idol

Jay appears to be a very interesting person but can he sing? Judge for yourself. Here’s his cover of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball:

Ehh, we’re not digging his Wrecking Ball version at all. But he does much better singing Beyonce’s Beautiful Nightmare in the next video.

Question: Is Jay Zidor a joke contestant? Some internetizens who are not impressed by his singing think so. But until we see him singing on the Idol stage, it is not fair to conclude that he is (or any other Idol aspirant) is a joke contestant. It would be unfortunate if the American Idol gods placed him on the Top 30 simply to give us the laughs, no?

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Photo credits: Jay Zidor’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. Follow him on Twitter: @IamJzidor.