Emilio Sakraya Shirtless, Girlfriend, German Hunk on Warrior Nun

Emilio Sakraya Shirtless Update. Updating this post to note that our German hunk is starring in another Netflix show and, this time, he is one of the leads. Specifically, he is playing the role of Kiano on the sci-fi series Tribes of Europa.

It dropped yesterday and we still have to watch it to know whether it is as good as the other German show Dark or whether it is one of those generic science fiction shows that Netflix loves to put out. Anyhoo, for fans of a shirtless Emilio, here’s another photo of him on the cover of Wonderland Magazine.

emilio sakraya shirtless - tribes of europa

Emilio Sakraya Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, German Hunk on Warrior Nun (3 July 2020). So, anyone of you watching Warrior Nun on Netflix? We watched the first episode and we like it so far. It ain’t boring, that’s for sure, which we can’t say for the other Netflix fantasy shows we’ve blogged about in the past and which we grudgingly watched til the end in hopes that it will get better. Haha. We’re looking at you October Faction. Haha.

Because we are all about Netflix Hunks here on Famewatcher, we were hoping that Warrior Nun would include a hot character we’d be ogling at while watching the show. Thankfully, they cast a German cutie named Emilio Sakraya who plays the role of JC. We do not know yet how JC will be instrumental on the show but we are keeping our fingers crossed that he’ll be on the side of the good ones rather than the baddies.

Now, we know some of you are also fans of Netflix hunks so here are some shirtless photos of Emilio which we grabbed from his Instagram page (follow him @emilio_sakraya_).

emilio sakraya shirtless in bed

emilio sakraya shirtless body - warrior nun

Damn! The guy’s got sculpted washboard abs! He sure can give these denizens of our Celebrity Washboard Abs a run for their six-pack money.

emilio sakraya hot body

Now, those of you who are fans of male celebrity underwear will have to make do with this peekabo underwear pic. Haha.

emilio sakraya underwear peekabo

Oh wait, here’s another shirtless photo of Emilio with a physical trainer.

emilio sakraya shirtless with trainor

Aside from being an actor, the young actor has also posed for some fabulous modeling photos like this one:

emilio sakraya model

As well as this one:

emilio sakraya hot german model

Emilio Sakraya Ethnic Background. According to tvovermind.com, the German actor is part-Moroccan (on his mother’s side) and part-Serbian (on his dad’s side). Of course, it goes without saying that he is full hawt, hawt, hawt especially when he’s wearing a tank top shirt and a pair of Adidas sweat pants.

hot men wearing adidas emilio sakraya

Who wants to go biking with Emilio?

emilio sakraya sexy in tank top shirt

Is Emilio Sakraya Gay or Straight? Does He Have a Girlfriend? We do not have the answers to these questions but we will update this post when we do have them. Statistically speaking, we think he is straight but he is comfortable with his straightness such that he ain’t above re-enacting a Jack/Rose Titanic scene with a dude.

emilio sakraya gay or straight

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