Elon Musk Hair Transplant: Before and After Photos

Elon Musk Hair Transplant. Billionaires are like us ordinary people, they lose their hair too. Unlike us however who need to spend a fortune to cover our balding heads, billionaires have no worries when it comes to spending money to fend off their receding hairlines.

Exhibit #1 would be Tesla big boss Elon Musk who’s crowning glory went from balding to no-longer-balding. [Related: For another billionaire who may have had some procedure done to his hair, check out our post on Mark Cuban Hair Transplant.] Here’s Elon, the guy on the right, from back in October 2000. For those of you wondering, the other dude is PayPal Chief Executive Officer Peter Thiel.

elon must hair transplant before and after photos

Our billionaire must have underwent some hair transplant because his head is fully covered in this 2013 photo from USA Today:

elon musk hair transplant - after - 2013

Here are other before and after photos we grabbed from the internets:

elon musk before and after hair transplant - photos2

Amazing result, no?

elon musk before and after hair transplant pics

Since Elon has not said anything about his hair transformation (unlike, say, Louis Walsh and Wes Welker who opened up about their hair treatments), internetizens are left to speculate on what exactly the billionaire did to fix his formerly receding hairline.

For instance, here’s what the peepz at baldtruthtalk.com are saying:

  • smega: Another celebrity hair transplant? Elon Musk. This guy is not famous for his music, movies, or drug habits. He’s the founder of paypal, tesla, space x & solar city. I have only respect for this guy, and this may not be the right section, but what do you think? Surgery? Concealer?
  • blowmeup: He looks like a different person. It’s amazing what a good hair transplant can do. He might be wearing some concealer but he would not be able to get that look without having a stellar transplant.
  • baldybald: yes he is wearing concealer and i feel it is dermmatch, shows from the last photo. but of course after having HT. Nice result though !
  • gillenator: He does look good in the after pics and obviously had his frontal third filled in with higher density but did not drop his hairline either. That helps.
  • artista: That is a great HT! I wonder which doc he went to?

Well, we are also wondering about which doctor Elon went to because he’s done a very very good job. Anyhoo, that’s it for now, HairWatchers. Want to say something about Elon’s hair transformation? Sound out in the comments. Danke!

Elon Musk Hair Transplant: Before and After Photos. First posted 4 November 2014. Last updated: April 25, 2020 at 8:12 am.