Elio Pis Venus Williams Model Boyfriend: Speedo and Shirtless Photos

Elio Pis Venus Williams Model Boyfriend: Speedo and Shirtless Photos. Here’s another gorgeous guy to add to our list of Hot Cuban Men. His name is Elio Alberto Pis. He is a male model. His Explore Talent modeling profile reveals that he is based in Miami, Florida, is 24 years old, stands at 6’1″, weighs 170, is of Hispanic heritage, has brown eyes, black hair, and an athletic body type.

eli pis shirtless cuban hunk

And, he is dating tennis superstar Venus Williams aka our favorite Williams.

Elio Pis venus williams - tennis match

The two reportedly met when he did a modeling job for Venus’ clothing line, EleVen by Venus. Here’s a pic of the lovebirds in their EleVen outfits from the label’s Spring 2012 collection.

elio pis venus william - modeling EleVen Spring collection 2012

Not bad, eh? Looks pretty cool actually. It may not be what you would call cutting edge fashion but the clothes do look sexy on him and on her. Is Venus on her way to becoming the male version of Bjorn Borg who was able to reinvent himself from a tennis superstar to a fashion mogul? We’re told that his Bjorn Borg Underwear line is very very successful in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe.

But let’s get back to Venus Williams’ boyfriend, shall we? He’s all over the news, the blogosphere, and the social media today when he was snapped wearing nothing but this skimpy Speedo swimsuit.

Elio Pis venus williams boyfriend

He’s a model alright. And the view is pretty nice at the back too. Hehe.

Elio Pis speedo swimsuit

Who wouldn’t want to play with Elio Pis’ big dog. We’d like to think that Venus enjoys playing with it and that she wouldn’t mind if we also play with his boyfriend’s doggie.

elio pis and big hot dog

Doesn’t Elio look like Academy Award-nominated actor Hugh Jackman in the pic below?

elio pis speedo swimsuit - ala hugh jackman

The next photo below is probably our favorite picture of Venus’ beau because he looks so innocent. And that Calvin Klein peekabo underwear is oh-so-intriguing. Haha.

elio pis shirtless photo - calvin klein peekabo

Elio Pis Venus Williams Model Boyfriend: Speedo and Shirtless Photos. Posted 22 January 2013.