Eli Roth Underwear, Shirtless Photos, & Hairy Chest

Eli Roth Underwear, Chest Hair, and Other Stuff. Is director/actor and Peaches Geldof’s ex-boyfriend Eli Roth hot or not? We think he is mostly hot but he does seem to go out of his way to offend our sensibilities. Seriously Eli, enough with the blood and gore. Please make a movie we can bring our nephew and grandma to.

eli roth athletic shirt - muscles

But as we were saying, Eli Roth is more hot than not. He sure is rocking his tank top shirt and we love his jeans and white tank ensemble below. He may not have the male beauty of Brad Pitt or the gorgeousness of a Hollywood leading man but the pic below make us go, “Yum! Yum!” To use the words of Deena, he sure is every inch a hunk.

eli roth hot hunk

Now, the thing we love most about our 40-year-old daddy is his hairy chest. Clearly he is not a fan of razors and body waxing. Bless him. May he keep his body hair forever and ever and ever. Body hair trimming is okay, but it would be a waste (and a sin against the Law of Nature) if he follows Simon Cowell’s example and get himself waxed. [For the negative effects of body waxing, check out our post on male body waxing side effects.]

eli roth short shorts

Anyhoo, let’s check out Eli’s awesome hairiness, shall we?

eli roth shirtless with hairy chest

Is he tempting us with them grapes?

eli roth shower photo

Eli at the shower. Eli Roth underwear photo after the jump.

eli roth underwear - boxer shorts - making of hostel

Hey look, it’s Eli in a pair of boxer shorts underwear. It’s his gift to those who Google “eli roth underwear”. Hehe.

eli roth hairy chest and abs

The pic above is probably our favorite shirtless photo of our Jewish daddy. Sure he may not have the body definition of a Mario Lopez or a Kellan Lutz but he’s got some hair on his chest and abs. Yay. For non-shirtless photos, the one below is our favorite, Eli and his pig Pennington. Cool, huh?

eli roth with pig pennington

Apparently, Eli loves him some pets. Here’s a photo he shared with his Twitter followers of him and his dog whom he identified as his “girlfriend Lucero”.

eli roth girlfriend - dog lucero

Does Eli have a real girlfriend? He seems not to be dating anyone at the moment but he dated Barbara Nedeljakova, Cerina Vincent, Courtney Peldon, and Peaches Geldof which should settle the “Is Eli Roth gay?” question. But what he’s doing with Gene Simons in the pic below is so gay, no?

is eli roth gay - with gene simons

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