Eli Brown Shirtless, Girlfriend, Tank Top Shirt Fashion

Eli Brown Shirtless, Girlfriend, Tank Top Shirt Fashion. Let’s add 22-year-old actor Eli Brown to our list of hot guys who rock their tank top shirts, shall we? These images are from a recent photoshoot he did with Flaunt Magazine and, for the label conscious among us, his white muscle shirt is from the Calvin Klein collection.

eli brown fashion style - ck tank top shirt

eli brown muscle shirt

The oldsters among us here at Famewatcher may not be familiar with Eli Brown because he is a relative newbie in the acting biz but he’s up there among those you should be watching out for in the future. The kid’s talented and he’s lucky that he’s been getting the breaks to showcase his talent.

To date, he’s appeared in 8 movies and TV shows. In the movie front, he was the lead actor in the Netflix movie The F**ck It List while his TV projects include Spinning Out also on Netflix, the short-lived sequel of Pretty Little Liars which aired on Freeform TV, and the reboot of Gossip Girl which you can watch on HBO Max. Here’s Eli, as the extremely wealthy do-gooder Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV on the set of Gossip Girl:

eli brown gossip girl hunk

Eli Brown Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Here are some shirtless and underoo pics of the actor screencapped from Pretty Little Liar, Gossip Girl, and The F It List:

eli brown shirtless in pretty little liars - the perfectionists

eli brown shirtless in gossip girl

eli brown shirtless - the f it list

eli brown underwear in the f it list2

eli brown underwear in the f it list

Eli Brown Gay or Straight? On screen, he played an out LGBT character in Pretty Little Liars (Dylan Walker) who hooked up with Nolan Hotchkiss, the character played by our imaginary beau Chris Mason but he was actually in love with Andrew Villareal (played by Evan Bittencourt). Here are photos of Eli from the show with his two romantic interests:

eli brown gay with chris mason in pretty little liars the perfectionists

eli brown gay in pretty little liars the perfectionists with evan bittencourt

In real life, Eli is straight and is reportedly dating Lauren Choulos. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds:

eli brown girlfriend lauren choulos

He also dated model Talia Wirkkula-Hibdon in the past:

eli brown girlfriend ex - Talia Wirkkula-Hibdon

Want more of Eli? Go check out his Instagram page @elibrown.jpeg.

eli brown style - denim jacket

eli brown shirtless in flaunt magazine

eli brown hot in tank top

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