Eion Bailey Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Awards

Eion Bailey Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Awards. We’ve always wanted to blog about Eion Bailey ever since we watched him on Once Upon A Time but we’ve been sidetracked by other things. But, its better late than never, no?

The gorgeous actor, who probably has the best celebrity chest hair in all of Hollywood, is starring as Teddy Weizak in the upcoming TV adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand and so we are looking forward to watching it. Honestly, we were not planning on checking it out because we want to boycott projects that casts the bed-shitting Amber Heard but we gotta make an exception with this one because who wouldn’t want to stare at Eion’s puppy dog eyes and manly chest hair?

We said he’s got the best celebrity chest hair in Hollywood, right? Well, if you can name someone else who can give him a stiff competition, we’re all ears.

eion bailey body - ray donovan

Want more celebrity chest hair?

eion bailey body - ray donovan2

eion bailey chest hair - ray donovan

eion bailey shirtless and body hair2

eion bailey shirtless body

And here’s a shirtless Eion showing us his underwear:

eion bailey underwear

Young Eion Bailey as an Up and Coming Actor. The Stand is Eion’s 47th acting project according to IMDB which speaks of his longevity in Hollywood. His earliest acting gig dates back to as far as 1997 when he appeared in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and starred in his very first movie, A Better Place.

Here’s a still pic of Eion in from A Better Place where he played one of the lead characters:

eion bailey young in a better place

Want more photos of Eion when he was a young Hollywood up-and-comer?

eion bailey young

eion bailey young2

Gorgeous headshot!

eion bailey young3

eion bailey young and hot

Eion Bailey Emmy Award Winner. He won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2005 for his outstanding performance in the comedy drama, Life of the Party. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he’ll eventually nab a Primetime Emmy someday.

eion bailey emmy award

Eion Bailey Gay or Straight? He is straight and very much married but he did play an LGBT character — or maybe he’s just a tease — in the 2001 indie film Seven and a Match. Here’s Eion, who plays Sid, sharing an intimate moment with Peter (played by Adam Scott of Parks and Rec fame).

eion bailey gay in seven and a match

eion bailey gay scene with adam scott in seven and a match

Eion is married to Canadian theater director Weyni Mengesha. The got married in 2011 and have been blessed with two children. Here’s a photo of the couple which Eion shared on Twitter (@eionbailey) when Weyni won a best Canadian director award in 2016.

What a good looking couple, no?

eion bailey wife Weyni Mengesha

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