Eight Pack Abs Workout Video Guide: Sculpt Your Body Like a Model

Eight Pack Abs: Michael Lewis, Male Model of the Day (published 22 June 2010). We gotta give credit to male model Michael Lewis for developing what would be the most gorgeous eight-pack washboard ab muscles we’ve ever seen.

eight pack abs on ripped models michael lewis in underwear

What would it take to have muscles like these? Good diet and regular gym visits, we think.

eight pack abs on ripped models michael lewis in underwear

Latino Eight Pack: Erick Mendoza. (published 15 May 2010). Did we make a premature declaration on who has with the best eight-pack washboard muscles in the whole world? If you remember, we gave the title to Czech model Karel Rok but Latino male model Erik Mendoza sure gives him stiff competition.

eight pack abs workout - erik mendoza washboard

Anyhoo, if you want to have droolworthy abs like these two guys, you might want to check out the washboard abs workout video we included in our post on male models with six pack abs.


Kevin Collins, Muscle Man (published 07 February 2010). What eight pack abs workout did this guy do to get this look:

eight pack washboard abs

Does Kevin Collins have the best eight-pack abs in the world or what?

eight pack abs on ripped models - kevin collins

Kevin’s eight pack abs from another angle.

eight pack abs on ripped models - kevin collins2

Abs Watch: Muscle Hunk Aaron Savvy (26 July 2009). Muscle man Aaron Savvy is, understandably, very proud of his abs. Really nice! Want to have ab muscles like Aaron? Well, get off your butt and do them ab exercises you’ve been planning to do.

aaron savvy male model

What do you mean you don’t know any abs exercise routines? Seriously, you don’t know any? Then you should check out this instruction video of this cute dude that should teach you how to build washboard abs. If you follow said exercise routine religiously every day, you’ll eventually have six pack abs as awesome as Aaron Savvy’s.

Eight Pack Abs Workout published 9 January 2010. Updated 19 February 2017.