Eight Pack Abs Workout Video Guide: Sculpt Your Body Like a Model

Eight Pack Abs Workout. Since lots of you are wondering how these guys got their washboard abs, we decided to update this post to embed these videos which will teach how you can be an eight-packer! First, here’s an instruction video from Vitality Advocate:

Vitality’s eight pack abs workout includes bicycle crunch, flat hand crunch, coffin crunches, leg lifts, leg out side crunches, butt raises, elbow crunches, and cross-over toe touches. Now, that’s a pretty doable workout, right? So you should have no excuse for not doing it. [Related: Hot Guys With Abs.]

Now, here’s a video by sportyrobinmm which could guide you on how to sculpt your eight abs.

Finally, our last eight pack abs workout video, by Athlean-X, tackles the six pack vs eight pack debate. Watch:


Abs Workout: Breakdancing? (published 9 January 2010). All that break-dancing that Antonio Anuk has been doing sure has given him probably the best eight-pack abs in the world, no? This Italian hunk is a breakdance world champion (did he make it to the Guinness Book of World Records?) as well as a male model.

eight pack abs workout - antonio anuk

Hmmm. He kinda looks like Superman, no?

eight pack abs workout by antonio anuk

Is break-dancing an eight pack abs workout? Looks like it, huh?


More male models with eight pack abs after the jump.