Edilson Nascimento Underwear Model: Guess and Calvin Klein

Edilson Nascimento Underwear Model for Elian Gallardo. We are updating this post in May 2017 to bring you more modeling photos starring Edilson. According to the internets, the outfits he is from the collection of a brand called Elian Gallardo.

edilson nascimento underwear model for elian gallardo

edilson nascimento underwear elian gallardo

Color us a little confused because when we hear Elian Gallardo, we are reminded of the Cuban boy who was returned to Cuba back in the 1990s. So did that boy eventually grow up to produce his own underwear label. That would be swell, no?

Update: Sorry. We are dumb. The name of the Cuban boy is Elian Gonzalez not Elian Gallardo. That’s for our friend Kevin for the immediate correction.


Edilson Nascimento Underwear Model: Guess and Calvin Klein. Shaggable Brazilian model Edilson Nascimento in Dolce and Gabbana black briefs. He remains as sexy as ever. Below, you’ll find more photos of our imaginary Brazilian boyfriend for those of you who want to see him rock a slim shirt.

edilson nascimento guess underwear

Update: Oops, we thought he is modeling Dolce and Gabbana but he’s actually wearing a pair of Guess underwear. Here’s another photo of our Brazilian hottie in Guess undies.

edilson nascimento underwear model for guess

Edilson Nascimento: Sexy Brazilian Underwear Model in Calvin Klein
09 May 2009

edilson nascimento underwear model ck

Meet Edilson Nascimento, our male underwear model of the day in his boxer shorts. We’re too lazy to find out where he comes from but we’re guessing he’s Brazilian because practically all undies male models come from Brazil, no?

UPDATE: Yes, our model is Brazilian indeed. Here’s another one of his very many modeling photo you can find all over the internets. Whether clothed or not, Edilson guy sizzles to be sure. Want more hot Brazilian hunks like Edilson? Go check out our post on Japanese Brazilian male models.

Edilson Nascimento in Low Rise Jeans
18 March 2009

edilson nascimento model low rise jeans

Hey look who’s rocking his low rise jeans? It’s our imaginary boyfriend and Brazilian model Edilson Nascimento.

He looks handsome and cool in his classic white tank top shirt.

Edilson Nascimento Underwear Model: Guess and Calvin Klein. Posted 25 April 2009. Updated 20 May 2017.