Eddie Liu Shirtless: Steve on Never Have I Ever

Eddie Liu Shirtless Update. Look who’s moving from Sherman Oaks, LA to San Francisco? It’s our imaginary beau Eddie Liu who is starring in the upcoming TV show Kung Fu on The CW. He will be playing the role of Henry Yan who, from what we gathered, is the love interest of the lead character. Here’s Eddie with his onscreen girlfriend Nicky Shen (played by Olivia Liang):

eddie liu girlfriend in kung fuolivia liang as nicky shen

Of course, because we know some of you are thirsty for some shirtlessness, here are some pics of Eddie from his Insta (follow him @eddieliuwho):

eddie liu kung fu henry yan

eddie liu shirtless body

Eddie Liu Shirtless: Steve on Never Have I Ever (30 April 2020). Time for our third post on the Hot Asian Guys on Never Have I Ever and, this time, we are checking out the actor who played Steve. For those of you wondering who he is, and we know lots of you are because his name is inexplicably not listed on the series’ IMDB page, the guy in question is Eddie Liu.

steve in never have i ever - eddie liu

Before Never Have I Ever where he plays the lover/boyfriend of Devi’s cousin Kamala, the Chinese American actor has appeared in TV shows like Silicon Valley, NCIS-Los Angeles, and Broad City. He also played one of the lead roles on a show called The Waiting Room which, from what we gathered, did not last long at all. Still, it did give us this shirtless scene of our Asian hottie which we screencapped for you:

eddie liu body - shirtless - the waiting room2

Now, we know that the #teamsteve among you are thirsty for more shirtless photos of the guy and, since we aim to please, here’s a pic of him flexing his muscles we grabbed from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @eddieliuwho.

eddie liu shirtless gym body - steve

Our Eddie seems to love working out without his shirt so we screencapped these images from his Insta workout video:

eddie liu shirtless workout

eddie liu shirtless workout2

But wait, there’s more! His workout videos are too hot to not GIF so we went ahead and made this GIFs for the #teamsteve among us. Now, if you are #teamprashant, go check out our post on the actor who played the role: Rushi Kota.

steve hot asian guy in never have i ever - eddie liu workout

Ain’t he purty? And he is totally in shape too judging by his smooth moves. Is this how kids work out these days? No wonder they all have the muscles that are pleasing to the eyes. Also, what do we call what Eddie is doing in these GIFs? Probably air climbing and air kicking?

eddie liu shirtless workout - gym

Eddie Liu Girlfriend? Looks like he is dating actress Lindsey Marie Wilson (follow her @lindseymariewilson). A photo of the two from Eddie’s Insta:

eddie liu girlfriend lindsey marie wilson

Whether shirtless or wearing a suit, there is no question that Eddie is the definition of hawt, hawt, hawt.

steve hot asian guy in never have i ever - eddie liu

We are not sure yet whether we are #teamsteve or #teamprashant but we want their story line with Kamala to continue in season 2. Don’t cha?

eddie liu steve hot chinese guy on never have i ever

By the way, according to deadline.com, Eddie has been cast as a regular in the reboot of the TV series Kung Fu which, if things work out in the Age of Corona, will be airing on The CW.

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