Eddie Judge Gay Proof: His Stuffed Speedo Suits?

Eddie Judge Shirtless Photos. We are updating this post we wrote four years ago to bring you more photos of the hunky reality star that is Eddie Judge. His wife is no longer with RHOC so he’s been absent on our TV screens for some time now but he posted these shirtless pics on his Insta which you might want to follow @eddiejudge.

eddie judge shirtless from insta @eddiejudge

eddie judge gay or straight

And here are shirtless pics from way back which we should have published back then.

eddie judge hot body

eddie judge shirtless and hot body

And some photos with his wifey also from years ago.

eddie judge gay or not

eddie judge wedding

Eddie Judge Gay Proof: His Stuffed Speedo? Apparently, the question on whether Eddie Judge, aka Tamra Judge’s hubby, is a gay dude continues to be story arc on The Real Housewives of Orange Country. We are pretty sure Andy Cohen aka the head honcho of the Housewives franchise is enjoying and milking this drama.

The “is Eddie Judge gay” story arc reared its damn head again when several RHOC housewives gossiped about it.

From toofab.com: “The bitter feud between the “RHOC” stars was reignited last month after Judge accused Gunvalson of staging a scene on the show during her birthday party in which Eddie’s sexuality was questioned again. During the scene featuring Gunvalson, Gretchen Rossi, Kelly Dodd and Lizzie Rovsek, party guest Ricky Santana told the ladies he witnessed Eddie making out with a guy after Rossi asked, ‘Do you know if Eddie’s gay or not?'”

After the episode aired, Judge ripped her co-stars on Instagram: “How orchestrated and wrong was that? The worst acting I’ve ever seen. They are nothing but homophobic bullies that think it’s okay to try and Out a straight man hoping to humiliate him,” she wrote.

For her part, Vicki Gunvalson insists that, although they are gossiping about Eddie’s sexuality, there is nothing wrong with being gay but they should just admit the allegations and move on.

Here’s what Vicki says in an interview with toofab.com: “Gay is not less than. If you are married to a woman and you are a man and you have had a past… deal with it. She’s taking this and twisting it to make her feel like a victim. Eddie is a great man. I don’t really give a crap what his past is… When you’re married in a male-female relationship, and if you’ve had a past being with the same sex, I would think that would be a conversation you’d have with your wife. The point is — you’re married to a woman — why is it such a bad thing that you had a past in that? Own it! Just say, ‘I have been with men in the past and Tamra’s cool with it,’ and move on.”

It may be easy for Vicki to insist that the Judges should move on but it would be hard for them to do that if Vicki and her fellow yentas keep yacking about Eddie and what he does in bed, no?

Anyhoo, we have no dog in this fight and we do not know whether Eddie is gay or not but we submit the following photos of Eddie and his stuffed Speedo swimsuit as proof that he may be a friend of Dorothy. Straight guys wear no Speedo and the tiny percentage who are brave enough to wear one, don’t stuff it with towels and other stuff as Eddie did in these photos. Hehe.

Eddie Judge gay proof or straight

Seriously, Eddie! If you ain’t confident in your Speedo game, it is best to not wear a pair of briefs style swimsuit. Hehe. Want more male celebrity Speedo?

For those of you wondering, these Eddie Judge gay proof Speedo photos were taken during his Bachelor party a few years ago.

Eddie Judge gay proof hot speedo

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