Eddie Cibrian Underwear: Boxers or Briefs – Photos

Eddie Cibrian Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? We’ve seen him in a fireman’s uniform and in what may or may not be padded jeans, now let’s ogle at His Hunkiness Eddie Cibrian in his underwear. Does our Eddie prefer boxers or briefs? Judging from these photos, he likes a combination of the two, that is, boxer briefs. Not a bad choice for a man who looks like he’s gifted down there, huh?

eddie cibrian underwear is sexy hot

These underwear photos of Eddie Cibrian, by the way, are from the 1998 movie Living Out Loud where he plays a masseur. Nice, no? [Want more male celebrity underwear?]


How much would you pay to be massaged by the sexy muscled hunk that is Eddie Cibrian? A thousand bucks, ten thousand? Well, it actually depends on whether or not he is a good masseur, no? Our friend Deena says she wouldn’t pay him a lick if he does not know how to do a good massage at all.


Our Eddie sure is looking good in his basketball shorts!

eddie cibrian shirtless

But he should drop the damn towel next time.

eddie cibrian hot sexy hunk


Padded Jeans for Eddie Cibrian or Naturally Beautiful Behind?
17 September 2009

eddie cibrian bubble butt

Is Eddie Cibrian wearing a padded pair of jeans that nicely enhances his buttocks? Or is his bum for real? If it’s enhanced, where do we go buy pair of sexy blue denim jeans like that? Do they have pants like that for women?

men with bubble butt - eddie cibrian

Anyhoo, going back to the question on whether Eddie’s jeans is padded or not, we think its not and that its for realz. Check out his full behind in the photo below.

eddie cibrian underwear in bed


Hunk of the Day: Eddie Cibrian
03 February 2009

eddie cibrian hot fireman

This guy is so hot so you can’t blame his fans for making fake photos of Eddie Cibrian. Seriously. That Hilda who was paired with him in Ugly Betty is so beyond lucky.

Eddie Cibrian Underwear published 4 May 2010. Updated 16 February 2017.