Ed Westwick Style Watch: Mens Suit, Leather Jacket, Shoes, Sunglasses

Ed Westwick Style Watch: Mens Suit, Leather Jacket, Shoes, Sunglasses. Want to dress like Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick? Check out his black suit and white shirt ensemble during the 37th International Emmy Awards last November. He’s looking good, doesn’t he?

ed westwick style - mens suit red carpet

Want more Ed Westwick fashion? Check out his all-khaki look for K-Swiss and this modeling photo with Helena Christensen – see Celebrity Cougars.


Ed Westwick is a Model Boy Wearing K-Swiss Shoes
21 August 2009

ed westwick style k-swiss-model

Hey look Ed Westwick aka Chace Crawford’s BFF, Jessica Szohr’s boyfriend , and cougar kisser extraordinaire has got himself a big shoes. Nah, that’s not really that big of a pair of shoes. They’re just normal size.

So is Ed Westwick the male counterpart of Anna Kournikova? We know of course that the former tennis star is the spokesmodel for K-Swiss. It would be very cool for Ed Westwick fans if the Gossip Girl star is now the male spokesmodel for the same brand.


Men Who Need Body Waxing: Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick
27 August 2010

We normally like body hair on our men. We also normally like V-Neck shirts. But we think we’re gonna give an exception for Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick. We’re soo disliking his chest hair and we also don’t like the fact that he’s always showing it to us by the way he dresses.

The guy needs to go through that body waxing thingie that some male celebs are doing these days. Or he should reduce the days he wears them V-Necks from every day of the week to, say, once in every month.


Men’s Aviator Sunglass: Ed Westwick’s Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses
30 September 2010

We don’t like Ed Westwick’s “curtainy” shirt and “no-socks” leather shoes, but we give the guy credit for his cool aviator sunglasses, the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator sunglass.

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