Ed Westwick Style: Leather Jacket and Jeans

ed westwick style leather jacket and jeans

Ed Westwick Style: Leather Jacket and Jeans. Today in our Ed Westwick famewatching, we bring you our Ed dressed in his black leather jacket and gray jeans ensemble. It seems like he is going for the “all dark” look because he’s got a dark striped shirt (damn, we’re not a fan of them stripes) and a dark aviator sunglasses to boot.


Looking for someone to kiss eh, Ed?


Want more celebrity leather jackets? Go check out these celebs wearing Rick Owens leather jacket.

Ed Westwick Style: He’s a Penshoppe Model. Check out Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass in a fabulous sports jacket, the Penshoppe Baseball Raglan Jacket. Penshoppe is a Philippine brand which hired Ed Westwick to headline their international advertising campaign.

ed westwick style penshoppe sports jacket

From a hot Philippine label let’s move on to cool Canada. Check out Ed’s Canada Goose winter coat. Canada Goose, is a Toronto-based clothing label which specializes in the manufacture and retail of cold weather apparel.

ed westwick style canada goose

Well, since we are in the subject of winter jackets and coats, we might as well show you this photo of Ed Westwick wearing a Kjus Men’s Fusion Jacket. Kjus is a winterwear brand established by Norwegian Lasse Kjus, Olympic gold medalist and world champion in alpine skiing. Ed was seen wearing this Kjus jacket in the British romantic comedy movie, Chalet Girl.

ed westwick style kjus men fusion jacket

From the Philippines to Canada to Norway, let’s now go back to the good old U.S. of A. There is no menswear more American than denim and there’s no denim more “denim” that Levis, right? Of course! Check out Ed Westwick’s Levis Classic Trucker Jacket. Pretty cool, huh?

ed westwick style levis trucker jacket

Another American jacket which looks pretty cool on this British import is this Shipley and Halmos Nailhead Sports Jacket.

Unlike Levis, which is an American institution in the world of fashion, Shipley and Halmos is a very new brand having started only in 2008. Will it survive the tough and crowded competition? Well, if celebrities like Ed Westwick are loving their clothes then there’s a pretty good chance that it will.