Dylan Duos Shirtless Country Boy – Squirrel Hunter on Sweet Home Alabama

Dylan Duos Shirtless Country Boy – Squirrel Hunter on Sweet Home Alabama. How does one pick a suitable partner from a group of 22 hunky men, half of whom are country boys while the other half are city slickers? That’s the problem that Kelsey Dee Smith will face in the 4th season of the CMT hit reality show, Sweet Home Alabama. If this is a “problem” its a good problem to have.

Who of us would rather have this kind of “OMG! I have too many men to choose from” problem than, say, spending a lot of time on online dating sites?

Dylan duos - hot country boy of louisiana

Anyhoo, of the 22 guys on Kelsey’s stable (sorry), our favorite so far is a Louisiana native with the most intriguing of names: Dylan Duos of Haughton. Is Duos a French name? More about Dylan from his profile on cmt.com:

Dylan Duos is a 20-year-old welder from Haughton, La. He loves anything that gives him an adrenaline rush — from riding bulls to MMA to professional wake boarding. After he got his heart broken, Dylan started respecting women’s feelings more. He believes country girls want a guy who will pick them up in a truck, not a sports car.

Because we are liking him, we did some internet sleuthing to see what the internets is “saying” about our Dylan. First, we found this video of him squirrel hunting with a friend. [Update: Sorry, video deleted at source.]

Careful, Dylan, you don’t want the PETA people to be hunting you in turn. Then we found this shirtless photo of a Dylan Duos on Myspace. Can you tell if this is him? Whether it’s him or not, we gotta say that the guy is hot.

dylan duos shirtless on myspace

And here’s another photo of a Dylan Duos (who may or not be our CMT Dylan) from Myspace. It kinda looks like him, no?

dylan duos hot lips - angelina jolie

We will update this post when we learn more about our squirrel-huntin’ Dylan. Would those in the know please tell us if Dylan has a girlfriend in real life? Joke. Joke. Anyhoo, we wish Mr. Duos the best of luck and we hope he goes long in the competition!

Dylan Duos Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Nearly seven years later, we are updating this post to bring you some shirtless and underwear pics of our Alabama hottie. We grabbed these images from his Instagram account which you might want to follow @dylanduos.

dylan duos modeling underwear - under armour

He sure looks good in his Under Armour boxer briefs underwear, doesn’t he? Want more men in boxer briefs?

dylan duos shirtless modeling underwear - under armour

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