Dylan Arnold Shirtless, Girlfriend, Fashion Style Watch

Dylan Arnold Shirtless, Girlfriend, Fashion Style Watch. Who says suspenders are a thing of the past? Or that it’s a fashion item that only boomers wear? Well, certainly not millennial actor who’s gone old school in the photo below. We gotta say, he’s actually rocking the look!

dylan arnold fashion style

Does he have a stylist or does he really have a sense of what looks great on him? Because his getup below, when he attended the People’s Choice Award, is really really good. We won’t be surprised if he made a Best Dressed List because we can’t find fault in what he’s wearing and how he is carrying himself. Way to go, Dylan!

dylan arnold suit and tie - red carpet

Anyhoo, people in my circle have been talking about him lately because he starred as a college boy in the third season of the Netflix show, You! We gotta admit that we still have to watch the third season, and we will do so this weekend because we do not want to be spoiled more, but we’re told that the actor has some sizzling scenes that, to quote our friend Kevin, “may necessitate a visit to the shower”.

dylan arnold gay or straight

In an interview with teenvogue.com, Dylan reveals that he’s auditioned for the show two times (for other characters) before he snagged a role in his third audition: “So I auditioned for Joe for season 1, and then I auditioned for Forty for season 2, and now, third time’s the charm, I got Theo in season 3.”

He adds: “So my relationship with the show goes way back, and I actually went to college with Elizabeth Lail, who played Guinevere Beck in the first season. So I’d seen the first few episodes, but it wasn’t until I got the audition for the third season that I went back and was like okay, let me watch the second season and get the tone of the show. I wound up bingeing the entire second season in two and a half days, which I’ve never done with another show I’ve auditioned for. I feel very lucky to be part of the third season, I actually became a huge fan of the show when I was auditioning, so it worked out.”

Well, it worked out well indeed. Now, my friends can’t stop talking about Theo and his love scenes. Haha.

Dylan Arnold Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He is straight and is reportedly dating You love interest Victoria Pedretti. We say reportedly because there is no confirmation that they are indeed an item and the report we got the information (i.e., Cosmo Magazine), got it from someone else (myjournal.com), who heard it from someone else. You know how it is, these relationship reports are not reliable at all. Haha.

dylan arnold girlfriend victoria pedretti

Dylan Arnold Shirtless and Underwear Photos. We haven’t come across any pic of the actor in his underoos yet but here are some shirtless photos from the Uncanny Annie episode of the horror anthology series Into the Dark:

dylan arnold shirtless in into the dark uncanny annie3

dylan arnold shirtless in sweatpants2

dylan arnold shirtless in into the dark uncanny annie2

dylan arnold shirtless in into the dark uncanny annie

Some cool modeling photos of Dylan. He kinda reminds us of British actor Josh O’Connor.

dylan arnold hot in shirt and jeans

dylan arnold hot

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