Dustin Johnson Shirtless, Career Earnings, Girlfriend Paulina Gretzky

Dusting Johnson Shirtless Update. We are updating this post to note that Dustin and longtime girlfriend Paulina Gretzky have finally tied the knot (Yay!), that he’s won two major championship trophies (Yay!), and that he’s reached the pinnacle of the game of the sport of golf by ranking number one at one time (Yay!). First, the wedding! Here are photos of Dustin and Paulina when they tied the knot in 22 April last year after ten years of being together.

dustin johnson wedding wife paulina gretzky

dustin johnson wedding

Apparently, just a few weeks after we published the post below back in June 2016, Dustin won his first major when he outscored everyone at the 2016 United States Open Championship aka the US Open. Then four years later, he won his second major at the 2020 Masters Tournament. He banked a total of $1,800,000 in prize money from his 2016 feat while his prize money at the 2020 Masters is $2,070,000. A lot of moolah, huh? Per wikipedia, he’s brought home a total of $74,897,059 which puts him at #3 all time.

dustin johnson us open winner trophy

Dustin ranked as the #1 player in the world in 19 February 2017 and stayed their for 135 weeks.

Dustin Johnson Shirtless Photos (1 June 2016). Hmmm. Is golfer Dustin Johnson related to Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis? We ask because when we first saw the photo below the first thing that came to mind was, “Looks like Neville Longbottom is having fun in the sun!” Afterwards, our friend Deena noted that the guy ain’t actually the child-star-turned-sex-symbol but the pro-golfer Dustin Johnson.

dustin johnson shirtless2

But they sure kinda look alike, don’t they? For comparison, check out this pic of Matthew Lewis:

matthew lewis - neville longbottom - shirtless

Want more Matthew Lewis shirtless photos? Follow the preceding link. Both of them have hairy chests which Deena loves, loves, and loves. Us? We’re more of a fan of snail trails or treasure trails. Haha.

Dustin Johnson Girlfriend? Our golfing champ is engaged to Paulina Gretzky who, it turns out, is the daughter of hockey great Wayne Gretzky. Apparently, the lovebirds were supposed to tie the knot last year but they decided to put it off. They are blessed with a boy named Tatum Gretzky Johnson.

dustin johnson shirtless with gf paulina gretzky

dustin johnson shirtless with gf paulina gretzky2

The next pic below is our favorite Dustin Johnson shirtless photo. He so is shaggable!

dustin johnson shirtless

Dustin Johnson Career Earnings. How much money has Dustin Johnson made as a professional golfer? According to the ESPN All Time Money List, Dustin has made a total of $32,011,984 which puts him in 20th place among top earners for all time. He is two places behind current world number one Jason Day (who has to date made $32,582,989) and, interestingly, Dustin outranks Rory McIlroy (who is currently in 23rd place with a winnings total of $30,313,540) and Jordan Spieth (who is presently ranked at 35th place with a career total to date of $24,323,939).

That’s quite an achievement for Dustin, no? However, when incomes made through sponsorship and endorsement deals are including, we are pretty sure that both Rory and Jordan (and of course Jason) will easily outrank Dustin Johnson. Those who make it to the number one spot in the world of golf do get to ink lucrative endorsement deals.

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