Drew Seeley Gay or Girlfriend: Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Drew Seeley Gay or Girlfriend: Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Our friend Kevin is aching for more Canadian hunks so this post is for him. Kevin, meet Drew Seeley, our Hunk of the Day who hails from the province of Ontario. The guy is not only good looking but is a triple-treat in the talent department considering that he is an actor, singer/songwriter, and dancer.

drew seeley fashion style

If you’ve watched High School Musical which propelled Zac Efron to stardom, it might interest you to know that Drew is actually the singing voice of Troy Bolton (i.e., Zac’s character). Isn’t that an injustice or something? Disney should have dropped Zac and made Drew play the Troy Bolton character on camera.

Anyhoo, Drew went on to star in Glory Daze, a comedy drama about some frat boys in college. As may be expected, we have some frat boys stripping to their underwear — Drew Seeley, Matt Bush, Hartley Sawywer, and Kelly Blatz.

Drew Seeley underwear in glory daze

The scene above may be what Drew was referring to in an answer on the most difficult or awkward scene he ever had to play: “Being outside on the UCLA campus for half the day just in my underwear for ‘Glory Daze’, cause there were still campus tours going on the whole time. We were like ‘Hi potential students, yeah we’re naked.’ Awkward. Still fun.”

Unfortunately, the show was short-lived and was cancelled. The actors are hot, hot, hot, and hot but as noted by the New York Daily News, the writing is weak, weak, weak.

Drew Seeley Gay or Straight? Boyfriend or Girlfriend? Not unexpectedly, our Kevin wants to know if Drew is gay. And if he is, whether he already has a boyfriend. Unfortunately for Kevin, our Canadian hunk is not gay and he already has a girlfriend with whom he is engaged. Here’s Drew and his fiance, Amy Paffrath.

drew seeley girlfriend - Amy Paffrath

Kevin is gonna be disappointed for sure but we think he will be consoled by the fact that Drew is gay-friendly and is supportive of the things that matters to Kevin like gay rights, gay marriage, and that kind of advocacy that keeps our Kevin occupied when he’s not at work. Here’s Drew voicing out his support for gay marriage in California via the NoH8 campaign:

Drew Seeley gay ally

Good for you, Mr. Seeley. Thanks for supporting one of our Kevin’s advocacies. Because of that, you’ve gained some fans from us here at Famewatcher. Now, here’s a pic for those of you looking for some Drew Seeley shirtless pics. Too bad that’s the only other shirtless Drew photo we found on the internetz.

drew seeley shirtless

Drew Seeley is Now a Zaddy. Our Drew tied the knot with then-fiance actress Amy Paffrath in April 2013 or three months after we initially published this post. The couple now have a baby girl named Ember Florence. Here’s a pic from their wedding:

drew seeley wedding amy paffrath

The couple apparently did a photo-spread for Bridget Marie and here’s one of the pics published showing our cutie in boxer shorts while Amy reads him the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. How cool is that?

drew seeley underwear boxer shorts

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