Dress Cardigan For Women: Rihanna Chic by Chanel

Dress Cardigan For Women: Rihanna Chic by Chanel. We may not be a fan of Rihanna but we give her credit for looking fabulous and rocking her cardigan dress when she attended the Chanel runway show at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2013. Where can one buy the cardigan dress? Well, it’s made by Chanel so we’re pretty sure you’ll find them in Chanel stores whether online or in “physical” stores where our mama and grandmama used to shop in.

dress cardigan by chanel for rihanna

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Anyhoo, we wondered whether other designers also have such a thing as “cardigan dresses” but we found none, nada, zilch, zero. But they do have regular cardigans which are just as fabulous and maybe more practical to wear.

Anyhoo, here are more photos of Rihanna and her Chanel dress cardigan:

dress cardigan by chanel for rihanna

Our Rihanna does really look good in her Chanel dress cardigan, doesn’t she? Who knew cardigans can look sexy chic. This is what our friend Deena calls “next level fashion” and we get where she is coming from.

rihanna dress cardigan in paris

Fans of Rihanna take a photo with her. We are betting that they are also fans of her Chanel dress cardigan. Hmm. On second thought, we are not really sure if these are fans. Maybe they are Rihanna’s friends or family members. In fact, we won’t be surprised if they are part of her team because they are, like the music superstar, chic and stylish.

dress cardigan rihanna by chanel

Rihanna Dress Cardigans 2017 Update. Seems like our Rihanna has a knack for turning otherwise ordinary fashion into sensual dresses. Check her out looking fabulous in her long coat turned “coat dress”.

dress cardigan for rihanna by dries van noten

For those who are wondering, this Rihanna coat dress is from the Dries Van Noten collection. Here’s another photo of Rihanna and her fabulous coat dress. This is, as Deena says, next level fashion.

dress cardigan for rihanna by dries van noten2

Let us end this post on Rihanna and her dress cardigans and dress coats with this photo of the singing superstar wearing a long dress by DKNY.

Rihanna cardigan by DKNY

Dress Cardigan For Women: Rihanna Chic by Chanel posted 4 July 2013. Updated 31 March 2017.