Dr. Tom Naylor Shirtless Skating Doctor

Dr. Tom Naylor Shirtless Skating Doctor. Let us continue blogging about hot male doctors and, this time, let us check out Dr. Tom Naylor who was in the 12th season on Dancing On Ice not as a celebrity contestant but as one of the professionals. He was paired with actress Lisa George and they made it all the way to the top 5. Not bad, eh?

tom naylor dancing on ice lisa george

Now, when our niece Sheila first heard about Dr. Naylor she was like, “Whaaat? An ice dancing doctor? Is he married because if he isn’t I am going to stalk him!”

We told her that the good doctor is in fact married, advised her that stalking is a crime in some jurisdictions (we’re not sure about the UK), and warned her that we will not be putting up bail money if she ever gets arrested for stalking. But this post is not about Sheila and her youthful ways but about this hunky British ice dancing doctor with sculpted six pack abs. Ooops, why are we acting foolish like Sheila? Must be in the genes, huh?

dr tom naylor shirtless body

As we were saying, the good doctor is very much married. He tied the knot with Korean American Yebin Mok who is also in the ice skating biz as she is a professional skater as well as a coach for Team USA and Team GB. Here’s a photo from their wedding which we grabbed from Dr. Tom’s Instagram page (follow him @drtom_onice).

dr tom naylor wedding to wife Yebin Mok

And here are screencapped images from the husband and wife team as they workout in their back yard. These are some of the coolest couple photos we’ve seen in a while. Imagine a couple working out together. We so are jealous!!! Mainly because our hubby is a couch potato and wouldn’t do stuff like this with yours truly but we still love him anyway.

tom naylor shirtless workout with wife2

best husband and wife workout - tom naylor and yebin mok

tom naylor shirtless workout with wife

tom naylor wife yebin mok

hot male doctor tom naylor workout

tom naylor shirtless body - doctor on dancing on ice

tom naylor shirtless doctor

Dr. Tom is an orthopedic surgeon who, according to The Sun, works for the NHS as a doctor as well as the team doctor of Manchester Storm of the Elite Ice Hockey League. Apparently, he ain’t the only doctor in the family as his father Gerald Naylor is also a doctor who currently serves as a consultant opthalmologist at Spire Fylde Coast Hospital.

tom naylor hot doctor on dancing on ice

tom naylor hot daddy

dr tom naylor hot dancing on ice

dr tom naylor hot dancer

tom naylor hot in workout clothes

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