Dr Chris Strandburg Girlfriend, Gay, Shirtless: The Bachelorette

Dr Chris Strandburg Girlfriend, Gay, Shirtless: The Bachelorette. Let’s add another dude to our list of hot doctors: Dr. Chris Strandburg, a dentist from Tennessee and a contestant in the newest edition of the ABC reality show, The Bachelorette.

dr chris sandburg - girlfriend or gay

Before we focus on the shallow things as we usually do here at Famewatcher, let’s take a few minutes to appreciate Dr. Chris in his professional best. Check ’em out talking about oral health, dental hygiene, and similar stuff. Watch:

Now, it won’t be fun if we don’t tell you what the mean girls are saying about him on Facebook, no? Here you go!

  • Maybe without the lipstick
  • Of course he’s a dentist lol look at his teeth
  • Has a long neck?
  • Whoa those teeth are white!
  • Sure has white teeth lol
  • Gay dentist.
  • I can be his assistant; )
  • Sure has nice teeth
  • Too polished.
  • Wats up smiley?
  • Once I got past the bright red lips…those teeth…OMG, a bit more brightened please
  • Smile too bright….where r my shades?
  • Look at them teeth!
  • Winnner plus handsome
  • His dental formular r just sparling white…wow…such a denstist…i wud go for this 1
  • If you squint and scroll, he almost looks like Cristiano Ronaldo. But not close
  • Pearly whites.
  • He’s cute but he has hands like a woman
  • Damn those teeth are white! Too white. I bet they glow in the dark.
  • This explains his luminous smile . . .
  • HIS HEAD IS tiny
  • I hate going to the dentist but if he were my dentist… omg. I’ll gladly get my teeth cleaned & cavities filled! I hope no one takes that dirty. But no seriously! Incentive to see a sweet face!
  • Does anyone else feel like they pasted his head onto another body?
  • Tiny head but look at them pearly whites!
    Chicklet teeth!
  • Teeth to white!
  • He reminds me of that guy Fez from the 70’s show…. #wilmervalderrama
  • Are those teeth really his?
  • I smell OCD…
  • I choose him! Great job and hot. No offense but guys lazy now a days and are comfortable making the women pay all. So he seems like a good catch.

Do you agree with any of the above Facebook comments? What do you think are his prospects of winning the hand of the girl and riding off with her to the sunset?

Chris Strandburg Shirtless Model. Now, this one’s for those of you looking for a shirtless Chris Strandburg. This pic is courtesy of Faith Fashion Photos (pic by Timothy W Harris):

dr chris sandburg shirtless

Apparently, he did some modeling before he became a dentist. In fact, he was part of the Janice Dickinson modeling show which aired years ago.

Chris Strandburg Girlfriend. What’s his relationship status? Will he win The Bachelorette or will he find a different girl to date? Or will he continue to be on reality-TV and be the next Bachelor? We sure don’t know the answer to those questions but do watch out for updates as the show airs and afterwards because we hope to eventually answer ’em once the info becomes available.

2020 Update: According to US Magazine, the hunky doctor is dating a woman named Becca Pagani. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds:

chris strandburg girlfriend becca pagani

And here are some shirtless photos of the good doctor which we grabbed from his Instagram page (follow him @chrisstrandburg).

chris strandburg shirtless underwear photo

Damn, he’s got abs that are sculpted to the heavens.

chris strandburg shirtless abs

Chillin’ with actor Scott Eastwood.

chris strandburg six pack abs

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