Douglas Booth Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards Update

Douglas Booth Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards Update. So, how’s our fair-haired hunk doing since we first blogged about him back about a decade ago back when blogging was still a thing. Well, his Hollywood career is going swimmingly well and he’s ENGAGED!!! Last July 2021, he announced his engagement to actress Bel Powley on his Instagram (follow him @douglasbooth). Apparently, the couple met and fell in love on the set of the 2017 movie Mary Shelley where Douglas was Percy Bysshe Shelley while Bel played the role of Claire Clairmont. Here are photos of the lovebirds, the first one is from Doug’s Insta post announcing their engagement while the next one is them out on a date.

douglas booth bel powley engagement ring july 4 2021

douglas booth fiance girlfriend bel powley

Aside from Mary Shelley, the actor has also starred in Loving Vincent, The Dirt (where we get a glimpse of him in his underoos), My Salinger Year, and the TV series The Dirty Black Bag which aired early this year on AMC. For his future projects, look out for him in the upcoming Terrence Malick movie, The Way of the Wind, which is described on wikipedia as a epic biblical drama. He will also star in a movie about Gore Vidal, another one where he plays a cop in The Promised Land, and a horror movie called Unwelcome. So he sure is booked and busy.

Oh, by the way, he starred in a short film called Sweat which earned him and his co-stars the Jury Prize at the 2022 Onyko Film Awards. Yay!

douglas booth model hot

Douglas Booth Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend (13 October 2013). Hello Famewatchers, there’s a new hot guy in tinseltown. His name is Douglas Booth. He’s British. He’s young. He’s talented. And he’s starring as Romeo in the newest Romeo and Juliet movie which should be showing in your cinemas soon.

douglas booth see through shirt

As we usually do around here when introducing you to new or up-and-coming actors, we’ll try to answer the questions you usually ask such as the following:

Does Douglas Booth like boxers or briefs? In an interview with, he revealed that he likes boxer briefs and that his brand of choice is Calvin Klein. Quote: “Calvin Klein Underwear , naturally. I find their boxer briefs and trunks the comfiest.”

Unfortunately, we can’t find a pic of our 21-year-old actor in his CK boxer briefs. But we do have a pic of Douglas Booth shirtless in short shorts.


His other fashion choices are as follows:

TYPE OF BAG: Mulberry Tristan
FAVOURED BRAND: Burberry Prorsum
ESSENTIAL WARDROBE ITEM: American Apparel T-shirts and hoodies and Burberry London trenches
FAVOURITE SUIT: Burberry Prorsum
JEANS BRAND: Diesel skinny jeans and Burberry Brit Shoreditch jeans
FAVOURITE GROOMING PRODUCT: Shu Uemura hair product and Kiehl’s skincare

Does he have a girlfriend? He is rumored to be dating his Romeo and Juliet co-star Hailee Steinfeld but rumors like this usually come up when celebrities are doing movies together. In addition, celebrity dating history website states that Naya Rivera, Vanessa Kirby, Alexa Chung, and Miley Cyrus were at one time in a relationship with Douglas Booth.


Is Douglas Booth gay? As usual, this question comes from our friend Kevin who thinks that all hot guys are a friend of Dorothy. Apparently, the denizens of has settled the issue as they gave the actor a rating of 45% which means he is “very straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website”.

Can we confirm that Douglas is straight? To us here at Famewatcher, the fact that he doesn’t mind starring in LGBT films — Worried About the Boy and Christopher and His Kind — is a big fat confirmation of his straightness. It is those actors who wouldn’t touch movies like these who may be hiding in the closet. (Hint: T.C. ex of K.H.)

The actor plays Boy George in Worried About the Boy and he gets to go kissy kissy with onscreen lover Mat Horne.


Douglas and Matt Smith play lovers in the BBC drama, Christopher and His Kind.

douglas booth and matt smith - gay lovers in christopher and his kind

Want another shirtless photos of Douglas? Here you go.

douglas booth shirtless

So there you have it Famewatchers! Want more young British hunks? Go check out our post on Paul Knops Underwear Model.

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