Doug Savant Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Young Doug Savant Version

Doug Savant Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Young Doug Savant Version. American actor Doug Savant (aka Matt Fielding on Melrose Place and, more recently, Tom Scavo of Desperate Housewives) was caught by the camera with his pants down. As a result, the fan debate whether Doug wears briefs or boxers underwear was finally settled with neither side winning; turns out that our Doug is neither a boxers or briefs guy but a thong underwear guy.

doug savant underwear - thong

A closer look at Doug Savant shirtless in his underwear.

doug savant shirtless underwear photo

What, in heavens name, is happening in the photo below? Hehe!

doug savant underwear boxers or briefs - thong

However, those of you who are fans of men in briefs can take comfort in the fact that when he was younger, Doug was so into tighty whitie briefs. Maybe he will go back to his briefs-wearing self, eh?

doug savant underwear - tighty whities

For those of you wondering, these photos are from the 1998 movie Masquerade which showed our Doug pitting his acting muscles against Rob Lowe.

Doug Savant Shirtless in Underwear

The next image below is our favorite Doug Savant underwear photo. Ever!

doug savant underwear masquerade

Presenting you the Doug Savant shirtless in underwear photo collection. Hehe.

doug savant shirtless in underwear - white briefs

Doug Savant Young. How hawt, hawt, hawt when he was younger? Well, judge for yourself. Check out these photos of our daddy hunk. This one’s from Melrose Place.

doug savant teen wolf - shirtless

Here’s a young Doug Savant as Detective Dennis Mulrooney in the TV series, Columbo.

doug savant young - columbo

The next pic is from way back in 1986 when our Doug was only 22 years old. The image is from Knots Landing where he played the role of the young Mack Mackenzie. Beside him is the older Mack Mackenzie, Kevin Dobson.

The next image is probably our favorite photo of Doug as a young dude.

doug savant young man

Doug is currently married to Laura Leighton (of Pretty Little Liars) with whom he has two children (Jack Douglas and Lucy Jane). He has two other kids from a previous marriage (with Dawn Dunkin): Arianna and Madeline.

Doug Savant Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Young Doug Savant Version posted 9 May 2010. Updated 13 March 2017.