Don Lemon Boyfriend Tim Malone: Plus Don’s Shirtless Photos

Don Lemon Boyfriend: He’s Engaged to Tim Malone! Nearly seven years later, we are updating this post to note that Don and Ben are no more. Apparently, they called it quits sometime after we wrote the original post below.

The CNN anchor is now engaged to real estate agent Tim Malone. According to, Tim actually started his career in media before he turned to real estate. He worked on the production side of the Today Show on NBC and on the sales side of NBC Universal.

Here are photos of the betrothed couple which we grabbed from their Insta (follow them on @donlemoncnn and @timpmalonenyc):

don lemon boyfriend tim malone

For those who are wondering, their dogs are named Boomer and Barkley.

don lemon shirtless cnn anchor

Chillin’ in St Barth’s.

don lemon tim malone husband boyfriend married

Don Lemon Boyfriend Ben Tinker: Plus Don’s Shirtless Photos (posted 16 October 2013). Does Don Lemon, the cute anchor on CNN, have a boyfriend? There is no pronouncement from him about having a boyfriend but apparently he does. Don’s guy, according to the internets, is a senior CNN producer named Ben Tinker.

Here’s a picture of the two doing some shopping at the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams signature store in SoHo.

don lemon boyfriend ben tinker shopping in soho sig store of mitchell gold bob williams

Looks like a pretty serious relationship, no? Two guys shopping together in a furniture store means they are living in, right?

Anyhoo for those of you wondering where we grabbed the photo, it was posted on the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams last September 2012.

Here’s another pic of Don and Ben. Don Lemon boyfriend Ben sitting on a tree…

don lemond partner is ben tinker

How sure are we that these two are really an item? Well, this 2011 report from Media Bistro confirms it:

A date with CNN’s Don Lemon doesn’t come cheap. Internet entrepreneur David Hauslaib bid $1,050 for the privilege Saturday at the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association auction, held on the final night of its 2011 national convention in Philadelphia.

Lemon, who came out publicly in May while promoting his new memoir, ‘Transparent,’ was a keynote speaker earlier in the day.

“When the auctioneer yelled, ‘Sold!,’ I said, ‘You can’t say ‘sold’ to a black man!,’” jokes Lemon, 45, CNN’s prime-time weekend anchor.

The auction “was a bit embarrassing, but flattering,” he adds. “Everyone knows I have a partner [CNN producer Ben Tinker, 26], but I’m happy to do it for the organization.”

Apparently, they have been in a relationship since 2007 according to Elisa’s Reviews and Ramblings (

Oh wait, if Don and Ben been “ON” since 2007, does this mean that the internet reports who state that Don got married to a certain Stephanie Ortiz in 2009 not true after all? We can’t find a reputable website like, say, Media Bistro stating that there was such a wedding so let’s put this in the JUST AN INTERNET RUMOR category.

Want another pic of Don Lemon boyfriend Ben Tinker? Here’s a screengrab:

ben tinker is don lemons boyfriend

And here’s the CNN host looking boyish and hot. You’d think Don is the younger guy but he’s actually older than Ben.


We almost forgot to upload these shirtless photos of Don Lemon. Better late than never, guys. What’s the story behind these photos? We’re guessing he is doing a medical story or something.

UPDATE: Hah! Turns out the shirtless dude is not Don Lemon but TJ Holmes who used to work with CNN but is now with ABC News. Our apologies. We’re leaving the pics to chronicle our stupidity. Harhar :-)

UPDATE: Don Holmes shirtless photos we grabbed from his Instagram account:

don lemon shirtless

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don lemon shirtless2

That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers!

Don Lemon Boyfriend Ben Tinker: Plus Don’s Shirtless Photos. Posted 16 October 2013. Last updated: July 5, 2020 at 7:05 am.