Dimitri Leonidas Shirtless, Ethnicity, Girlfriend

Dimitri Leonidas Shirtless, Ethnicity, Girlfriend. Remember that saying about men’s suits being like women’s bikini in that it should make the looker want to see more? Well, that’s what exactly happened to us when we came across the photo below. We were like, “Who’s that guy? He’s hawt! We want to see more of him!”

Famewatchers, say hi to Dimitri Leonidas. He is a British actor. And this photo was taken back in 2017 during the Cannes world premiere of the Sky Atlantic TV show Riviera where he was one of the lead actors.

Dimitri Leonidas hot in suit

To date, our British hunk has a total of 24 acting credits to his name including the 2014 movie The Monuments Men where he co-starred with Hollywood royalty such as George Clooney and Matt Damon. His latest project would beĀ  the Netflix series The One where he plays the co-founder of a DNA love match company. You should check it out this coming March.

Dimitri Leonidas Shirtless Photos. When we said we wanted to see more of him, we meant we wanted to see him without his suit. Now, we know you’re just as thirsty as us when it comes to shirtless celebrities so we’re sharing with you what we found. Haha.

Dimitri Leonidas body

Dimitri Leonidas shirtless body

Dimitri Leonidas shirtless

The photos above are screencapped from Riviera while the next shirtless pics below are from the short movie First Time where he hooks up with an older woman.

Dimitri Leonidas shirtless2

Dimitri Leonidas body3

Oh wait, we found another shirtless pic of our Dimitri. This one’s from the play Through a Glass Darkly which played at the Almeida back in 2010. Is he wearing swimwear or boxer briefs in the pic? What do you think?

Dimitri Leonidas underwear - through a glass darkly 2010

Dimitri Leonidas Girlfriend? Gay or Straight? We have no answers for these Qs but we will update this post once we do. It does not seem like he is in a relationship right now or maybe he’s just done a great job of keeping it private. Now, we did say he hooked up with an older woman in First Time, right? Well, here are screencaps from said short film with co-star Nina Young.

Dimitri Leonidas girlfriend - first time

Dimitri Leonidas girlfriend - first time2

And here’s Dimitri with co-star Sophie Wu during the premiere of their 2009 movie Tormented.

Dimitri Leonidas girlfriend or friend sophie wu - tormented 2009 movie premiere

Dimitri Leonidas Ethnicity. He is part Greek-Cypriot (via his dad) and part English/Welsh.

Dimitri Leonidas hot in leather

We thought he’s got some really big shoes below but it turns out that’s part of the chair he’s squatting on.

Dimitri Leonidas big shoes

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