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Dima Bilan Shirtless and Underwear Modeling Photos. We are updating this post on Russian pop star Dima Bilan because some of you are googling for his underwear photos. You’re a fellow male celebrity underwear watcher, are you? Well, you’re lucky because we have these pics of your idol modeling a boxer briefs underwear for Russian fashion designer Ilya Shiyan.

Do you think Dima can have an alternative career as a male underwear model? Honestly, we think he can excel in the modeling field too.

dima bilan shirtless

In fact, we think he can give those gorgeous Dolce and Gabbana underwear models a run for their modeling money. As you can see in the next picture below, Dima loves him his Dolce and Gabbana underwear.

dima bilan underwear dolce gabbana

Of course, not all of you are interested in ogling at Dima Bilan’s underwear. In fact, some of you would rather check out the fabulous leather jackets he seems to be really fond of. Like this jacket he was wearing at the MTV European Music Awards in Berlin.

dima bilan leather

Another fabulous leather jacket for the sexy Russian hunk.

Shirtless Dima Bilan: Our friend Deena says we gotta give you some hot pictures of Dima Bilan shirtless. Since we always follow what she wants, here are two photos of Dima wearing nothing but his jeans. He’s pretty smooth, eh? Maybe that’s because these pics were taken when he was just a young lad. We bet he’s hairier than a Russian bear now that he’s older.

dima bilan shirtless photo

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Dima Bilan Wins Eurovision 2008
01 June 2008

Russia’s Dima Bilan won Eurovision 2008 with this performance. As it sometimes happen when someone is on the road to becoming famous, naked pictures of Dima have surfaced. Rumors also say that he used to be a male escort. Rumors like this are juicy but our rule when it comes to rumors is we gotta see it to believe it. So send us them nekkid pictures of this Russian hunk, people!

Dima Bilan Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Eurovision Winner. Posted 01 June 2008. Updated 28 May 2011.