Diarmaid Murtagh Shirtless, Kilt, Underwear Photos

Diarmaid Murtagh Shirtless, Kilt, Underwear Photos. It’s been forever since we blogged about a hot guy in kilt so we are correcting the error of our ways and bring you Irish actor Diarmaid Murtagh rocking his kilt.

As you can see in the pic, the Irish actor donned his kilt when attending a red carpet event at the Edinburgh Film Festival during the premiere of Robert The Bruce. He played the role of James Douglas in the film which was released in 2019.

Diarmaid Murtagh hot men in kilt - robert the bruce red carpet

As it happens, Diarmaid ain’t the only kilt-wearing hunk during said premiere. His co-star Zach McGowan was rocking his kilt too.

Diarmaid Murtagh hot men in kilt - with zach mcgowan

Stop teasing us, guys! Want more hot men in kilt?

Diarmaid Murtagh hot men in kilt - with zach mcgowan2

Diarmaid Murtagh Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Now, this is the section for the thirsty hos among us here at Famewatcher. First, we bring you shirtless photos of our Irish actor taken from the set of probably his most famous TV show, Vikings.

Diarmaid Murtagh shirtless body

Diarmaid Murtagh shirtless irish hunk

And here’s a shirtless Diarmaid from the 2017 movie American Renegades about a team of Navy SEALs who discover an underwater treasure in a Bosnian lake.

Diarmaid Murtagh body

The Luc Besson movie was panned by critics (11% rotten on Rotten Tomatoes) and it was a big flop at the box office but, hey, it gave us not only shirtless photos of Diarmaid but these images of him in his boxer briefs underwear too. Yay!

Diarmaid Murtagh underwear - boxer briefs - with charley bewley in renegades movie2

The other guy, for those of you wondering, is English actor Charlie Bewley.

Diarmaid Murtagh underwear with charley bewley in renegades movie

To date, our Irish hunk has a total of 37 acting credits to his name on IMDB. Glancing at his previous projects, you can say that he is a very talented actor considering the fact that he’s done action movies, historical epics (such as Vikings), fantasy/horror (such as Dracula Untold), romantic comedies (such as The Protector), and dramas where he gets to be the leading man or love interest.

For instance, here’s Diarmaid as Prince Patrick in the TV-movie A Christmas in Royal Fashion.

Diarmaid Murtagh gay or girlfriend

With Emma Rigby in The Protector:

Diarmaid Murtagh married or wife

Diarmaid Murtagh Girlfriend or Relationship Status. We have no information about this at this point but we will update this post as soon as we do have said info.

For the time being, here are other red carpet appearances of the actor which tells us that he can rock not only a kilt on the red carpet but that he also looks fabulous in other outfits.

Diarmaid Murtagh hot suit and tie - red carpet

Diarmaid Murtagh red carpet for bruno the film

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