Devon Pinto Gay or Girlfriend: Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Devon Pinto Gay or Girlfriend: Hot Shirtless and Underwear Photos – Survivor Hunk. When he is not making goofy faces Devon Pinto, a member of the Hustlers tribe in the upcoming 35th season of Survivor, looks like a really really hot guy. Want proof? Well, here’s a pic of him we grabbed from his Instagram account which you might want to follow (@devonthedoo).

Devon Pinto hot

Another Devon Pinto shirtless photo but he ain’t as hot as the above pic because he’s being goofy.

Devon Pinto gay or girlfriend

Facial hair does not suit him, no?

Devon Pinto survivor

Given that he’s got a sculpted body and is good lookin’, we won’t be surprised if Jeff Probst would be man-crushing on our Devon. Hehe. Here’s what Jeff is saying about Mr. Pinto (via The Hollywood Reporter):

Devon’s very likable. He’s so good looking and charming, and yet, you still like him. I think it speaks to why he’s on the Hustlers tribe. Devon is a bit of an exception to the rule, I think, in that I would say he’s had an easier life. If you just look at his background, it hasn’t been difficult. But what Devon has done with the choices in his life is say, “I’m not going to take this for granted. I could be a kid who says, ‘Oh, something else will come my way. Doors just open for me because people want to hang out.'” But instead, he takes every gift that lands in his lap and goes, I can do something with this. That’s the guy who ends up being the billionaire and you go, “How did you get here?” And he goes, “A couple of bucks at a time.” He’s still good looking and he’s got the cool car and the penthouse in Japan. I think Devon is a real threat to go deep, so long as he doesn’t get taken out for being such a threat. That’s the hard thing when you’re Devon. You’re a walking billboard for why people should want to get rid of you.

Is Devon Pinto Gay or Straight? We do not know but it looks like he’ll be in an alliance (maybe a bromantic one) with fellow Hustler Ryan Ulrich. Check ’em out going for a walk:

Devon Pinto underwear

Is he wearing underwear? Or is that a swim short?

Devon Pinto underwear2a

Come on buddy!

survivor players underwear - devon pinto

Who says you can’t do yoga in your underwear? Certainly not our Devon!

survivor underwear hunks - devon pinto

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