Devon Bagby Shirtless Photos: Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Today in Young Hollywood Hotties, we bring you actor Devon Bagby who plays Conor on the Showtime television series Ray Donovan. Here’s a pic for those of you looking for Devon Bagby shirtless photos:

devon bagby shirtless hot body

He sure has got pretty well-defined washboard abs, no? More about Devon from his Showtime profile:

Hailing from San Diego, California, DEVON BAGBY knew he wanted to be an actor from a very early age. After years of persistence, he convinced his parents to enroll him in acting classes. He gained representation quickly, and the back and forth to LA started. In addition to RAY DONOVAN, Bagby also recently played an angry abused teenager on NBC’s IRONSIDE and guest starred on the hit crime drama CSI: NY. Bagby continues to grow as an actor daily with guidance from his co-stars Liev Schreiber, Jon Voight, and Paula Malcomson.

Does Devon Bagby have a girlfriend? There are no reports that he has any or is dating anyone which is a good thing for a young up-and-coming star in Hollywood. You gotta focus more on your career, baby! Want more Devon Bagby shirtless pics?

devon bagby shirtless - ray donovan

In an interview with, we learn more about how he began his career as an actor and his advice to young kids who would like to follow his footsteps to Hollywood. Read:


You mention that this is one of the first roles that you’ve had – what was it ultimately in the beginning, was there one thing you experienced where you said “I want to be an actor,” or was it a feeling overall of something you needed to do?

I wanted to be an actor since I was probably 4 or 5 years old. I would beg my mom every day, and she finally said when your sister goes to college. My sister finally went to college. I was 12 when I started, and my sister went to college and I booked RAY DONOVAN.

It has be exciting to get into the business, and what a great role to start with!

It’s definitely probably the best thing I could have gotten. They’re the best cast and crew, and I just love this character. The business side of things is pretty fun, too, the auditions, I love it.

Are there roles you’d love to play? What would you love to do?
I love most of the scripts that I read. I’m pretty open to any character. I just go and try to play that character.

RAY DONOVAN is a dark show, not much time for humor – what about comedy? Would you love to throw your hat into a comedy ring?
I do wonder what it would be like to be on a comedy show. It’s probably funny all the time, and you’re joking and working with great comedians.

You sound like you have such a good head on your shoulders – what advice do you have for younger actors?
I say just follow your dreams, and no matter how many times you get rejected, keep going. If you think you can do it, you can probably do it!


Good advice from a young kid, huh? Let’s end this post with the last Devon Bagby shirtless photo!

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