Designer Dresses for Men Who Wear Women’s Clothes

Designer Dresses for Men 2017 Update. We are updating this post to give you more designer dresses for men which graced the world’s runways after we published this post back in 2010. Anyhoo, which of these outfits is your favorite? Which would you buy for yourself if you are a man? And which would you buy for your man if you are a lady?

Astrid Andersen. We actually love these strapless dresses worn by male models during the Astrid Andersen 2014 Fashion Show in London.

designer dresses for men - Astrid Andersen - 2014 london

Let’s take a closer look at one Astrid Andersen designer dresses for men. Looks pretty good, eh?

designer dresses for men - strapless by astrid andersen

Hood By Air. These cashmere mini-dresses by Hood By Air made it first appearance at the New York Fall/Winter 2015 Fashion Week.

Random Designer. We still have to identify the designer who made the colorful outfits below.

Rick Owens. The always “talked about” Rick Owens presented these outfits during the Fall/Winter 2016 Paris Fashion Show. He called his creations “robes”. We’re calling them what they actually are — designer dresses for men.


Designer Dresses for Men Who Wear Women’s Clothes: Thomas Wyatt, Male Model (3 August 2010). Who’d have thunk that our posts about men wearing women’s clothes would be such a hit.

designer dresses for men thomas wyatt

We have to thank the cross-dressing Kiefer Sutherland who wore a dress at the David Letterman Show. Of course, we must also say “Thank you” to Mario Lopez and his penchant for women’s lingerie. He’s got good taste, that Mario.

Anyhoo, here are more photos of a man dressed in women’s stylish and sexy chic clothes. The dude’s name is Thomas Wyatt. Photography by Yu Tsai for Contributor Magazine.

designer dresses for men thomas wyatt model

Are these designer dresses for men? We don’t know the name of the designer but we sure think so.

thomas wyatt modeling designer dresses for men

We are not sure about the clothes below. Hehe.

sexy designer dresses for men


Male Model in Ladies’ Skirt: Make Me a Supermodel Runway (10 February 2010). For those of you who love guys in women’s skirts. We gotta give props to this guy (Jonathan Waud of Make Me a Supermodel?) for rocking the look. He looks so manly in his skirt, doesn’t he?


Update: What you said about this post:

Jürgen: I don’t think that this is a women’s skirt!
Tom: But the stores never have skirts or dresses for men with all this talk where are they?
Will: This is a great look where can I buy it, we need more great looks like this one
S H NGEW: I hope that one day man can wear skirt in public.women can why men not?

Tom has a great point about where exactly do men who want to wear skirts buy such clothes? We think this serves as an opportunity for some enterprising retailer out there to provide a store (online or otherwise) where men can buy skirts and men’s dresses. If you know of such a store, do tell us about it in the comments.

Anyhoo, for other Hollywood male celebrities in dresses go check out our post on Brad Pitt Wearing Women’s Dresses.

Designer Dresses for Men updated 13 February 2017.