Derek Richardson Underwear Model, Actor, or Football Player

Derek Richardson Underwear Model, Actor, or Football Player. Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the hottest Derek Richardson of them all: the actor, the male model, or the English footballer?

Our plan was to do a post on the actor Derek Richardson but we found out that there are two other famous Derek Richardsons so we decided to present to you, fellow Famewatchers, the three Dereks and have you decide who among the trio is “the hottest of them all”. We present you their photos and some reasons why we think they’re hot, then you pick the hottest Derek. Okay?

We begin with actor Derek Richardson.

derek richardson actor - like chandler bing

Actor Derek is hot because:

  • He reminds us of our favorite Friends, Chandler Bing.
  • He is a comedian so he must have a great sense of humor and must know how to make people laugh.
  • He starred in box office hit movie, Hostel.
  • He is married to a hottie, German actress Franka Potente.
  • During the 2006 MTV Awards, he was nominated for “Best Frightened Performance” for his role in Hostel

derek richardson underwear briefs in hostel

Next up is model Derek Richardson. Check him out.

derek richardson male model

Model Derek Richardson is hot because:

  • He’s got the most perfect of abs.
  • He looks great in his underwear.
  • He was a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter before he became a model. Want more Sexy MMA Hunks?

derek richardson mma fighter

Oh, did we mention that he rocks his underwear? Yeah, we did but it must be repeated. Haha. Here’s another pic of model Derek looking fabulous in his Boss Orange boxer briefs.

derek richardson shirtless underwear model boss orange

Now we, unfortunately, can’t find any photo of footballer Derek Richardson. However, we believe that he is hot like the other Dereks because:

  • He played for the Chelsea football club which is, arguably, one of the best in the world.
  • Acording to wikipedia, which cites an interview with footballer Don Masson as its source, footballer Derek only had one functioning eye.

Can you imagine life as a professional athlete with only one eye? For this alone, we are going to crown footballer Derek as the hottest of the three Derek Richardsons. Actor Derek may have a great sense of humor, model Derek may have a body to die for but neither of them can trump a guy who played professional football with only one eye.

That is not only hot. It is badass hot.

But that’s our opinion here at Famewatcher. What about you? Who do you think is the hottest Derek Richardson?

Derek Richardson Underwear Model, Actor, or Football Player. Posted 5 February 2013.