DeMarco Morgan Shirtless Media Hunk: KCBS News Anchor

DeMarco Morgan Shirtless Media Hunk: KCBS News Anchor. It’s Shirtless Sunday here on Famewatcher and, for the media superfans among us, let’s check out DeMarco Morgan shall, we?

For those of you not based in Los Angeles and are thus not familiar with him, DeMarco is the anchor of CBS2 Morning News in Los Angeles. Prior to his LA gig, he served as New York correspondent for CBS News. He also worked in Atlanta, Milwaukee, Miami, and Jackson, Mississippi.

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Now, we are all about shirtless celebs here an Famewatcher so here’s a shirtless DeMarco chilling on the beach in a pair of fabulous short shorts. Want more hot media men?

demarco morgan gay or straight

DeMarco Morgan Gay or Straight? According to, DeMarco is a member of the LGBT community and came out in his book published in 2018.

From said website: “He made his s*xual orientation clear from his new book called I Can’t Date Jesus: Love, S*x, Family, Race And Other Reasons I Put My Faith in BeyoncĂ© in 2018. He disclosed that he was ashamed of being gay previously, but started losing the sense of shame, once he realized it was not a bad thing to be oneself.”

Good for you DeMarco! Now, we gotta find a buy a copy because who doesn’t love a book about a hunky dude who loves him his Beyonce, no?

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Running workout with a bro. Who’s your workout buddy, DeMarco?

demarco morgan shirtless workout with boyfriend

DeMarco Morgan Boyfriend. We do not know if he is dating anyone at the moment, or is blessedly single, or is actually married. But we will update this post when we find out more about his relationship status in the future.

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DeMarco studied at Jackson State University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in liberal arts. He then went on to earn a Master’s Degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

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