David Yeomans Shirtless and Hot KXAN Meteorologist

David Yeomans Shirtless and Hot KXAN Meteorologist. Let us continue traveling the world checking out hot media guys and, this time, let us go to Texas where the dapper David Yeomans is paid to talk about the weather.

Ain’t that the coolest thing ever? Everybody talks about the weather but only the qualified few make money doing so.

For those of you not familiar with him, David is the meteorologist for KXAN-TV which is an NBC-affiliated station in Austin. He’s been with the station since July 2012 and has won two Emmy trophies for his work.

david yeomans emmy award with girlfriend

Specifically, according to his profile on kxan.com, “he received a Lone Star Emmy Award for the First Warning Weather University series in 2019, and another Lone Star Emmy Award in 2015 for the First Warning Weather Team’s Summer Weather Outlook.”

david yeomans emmy award

Dapper David Doing His Thang. Here are photos of our KXAN meteorologist reporting on location during wavy water days as well as days where you gotta wear a raincoat to keep yourself dry.

david yeomans meteorologist on location reporting2

david yeomans meteorologist on location reporting

In his element inside the KXAN studios:

david yeomans kxan meteorologist

How does one become a TV meteorologist? Well, in the case of dapper David, he went to meteorology school which, up til this moment, we did not know is a thing. According to his LinkedIn profile, he got a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from the University of Miami in 2009. The following year, he returned to U of M for his masters degree in meteorology which he finished in 2013.

We guess we can call David a weather geek because he really loves to study it even as a child. From his kxan.com profile: “By the fourth grade, he was checking out stacks of meteorology books from the public library, gathering as much knowledge as he could. A year after that, he became a registered storm spotter and kept climate records for the National Weather Service office.”

David Yeomans Looking Hawt. We don’t call him dapper David for nothing. He looks totally thirst-inducing whether he’s decked in suit and tie or is wearing a plain v-neck shirt and trousers. The secret to his GQ Magazine looks? His clothes fit him well, baby!

david yeomans kxan reporter

david yeomans hot in a suit - austin kxan meteorologist

David Yeomans Gay or Straight? Relationship Status. Sorry gheys, the guy is straight. Sorry ladies, he is taken and is no longer available. We have no name (yet) for his girlfriend but our media hunk usually post photos of them on his Instagram (follow him @davidyeomansweather).

david yeomans girlfriend or wife

david yeomans shirtless austin meteorologist with girlfriend

David Yeomans Shirtless. This one’s for the thirsty THOTs among us looking for shirtless photos of the KXAN meteorologist.

david yeomans shirtless kxan austin meteorologist

Oh, he’s a surfing meteorologist too!

david yeomans hot meteorologist

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