David Williams Shirtless, Underwear, Dieux du Stade, Gay or Girlfriend?

David Williams Shirtless Update. Whatever happened to our favorite Gods of Football model David Williams? What is he doing these days? From what he gathered on his Instagram page (follow him @worldofwolfman), he’s now married, is now a certified zaddy with a toddler born more than a year ago, and is the head coach of a company called Kinex Health.

Here’s a photo of David and his wife which we grabbed from his Instagram page:

david williams wife

By the way, did you know that our David starred in a short film called Darkness Comes? It came out in 2013 and made the festival rounds from Tropfest Australia, Palm Springs, FilmQuest, and others. He is actually pretty good in it and has the makings of a really good actor which is why we are disappointed that, to date, this is only his IMDB acting credit. Here are screencaps from the movie which you can check out on YouTube:

david williams actor in darkness comes

david williams actor in darkness comes2

david williams rugby actor in darkness comes

david williams rugby actor in darkness comes2

David Williams Shirtless and Underwear Photos for Dieux du Stade (22 May 2017). Oops, we forgot to mention the fact that our rugby hunk has posed for the Gods of Football Calendar project. Here are some of our Aussie rugby star’s Dieux du Stade modeling photos.

david williams dieux du stade

Who says white boxer shorts are not hawt, hawt, hawt?

david williams shirtless rugby player

So this is how you catch a rugby ball!

david williams gods of football

David rocking his Wolfman look. He is so gorgeous some unkempt hair and beard does not make him bad looking.

david williams shirtless underwear

Let us end this update with these images of David in a pair of white Calvin Klein briefs.

david williams underwear briefs calvin klein

David Williams Shirtless in White Rugby Shorts: We normally do not recommend that you wear white-colored outfit while playing a sport where you can get tackled to the ground but hey, if you’re rugby player David Williams you can wear any color you want. You can go shirtless too if you’ve got six pack abs to show off.

David Williams shirtless


Want more men in shorts? Or check out these famous rugby players and their various outfits (or lack thereof).

Your Google Questions on David Williams: Girlfriend or Gay? (12 March 2012). This is an update for those of you googlers who want to know more about this handsome Aussie rugby hunk. Without a doubt, one of the most googled questions in the universe is “does david williams have a girlfriend?” and another one would be “is david williams gay?”

Because there have been no readily available information for the girlfriend question, some internetizens took the freedom to invent an answer. For instance, one internetizen of Yahoo! Answers claim that David is seeing WolfWoman. That’s her in the picture below. Ain’t she a gorgeous she-wolf?

david williams girlfriend

Anyhoo, those of you not familiar with David might not know that one of his defining physical characteristics is a very hairy face (if he does not shave, that is) which prompted rugby citizens to call him “Wolfman”. Here’s the Wolfman with a girl who is not his girlfriend.

david williams girlfriend

David Williams Gay or Girlfriend. Anyhoo, in a recent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, David stated that he does not have a girlfriend. Yay, it means we still have a chance of shacking up with him. Hehehe. Here’s what he said when asked whether he has a girlfriend: “Negative.”

So there! We established that the girlfriend zone for the Wolfman is not occupied at present.

In the same interview, David tells us more about why he is called Wolfman:When I started out at Manly they said you had to shave every day or keep a beard and I hated shaving so I thought, ‘OK, I’ll grow a beard’. By the time the first game came around I had a decent beard and one of the commentators called me ‘Teen wolf’ but I was actually 21 so Matty Johns said, ‘He’s not a teen wolf, he’s a Wolfman!’ and it stuck.”

Now, as to whether David Williams is gay or not, the honest answer to that is “We don’t know, honey! Maybe he is, maybe he ain’t!” He seems to be a good friend and a supporter of “the gays”. And he apparently doesn’t mind kissing another guy. On the lips too.

david williams anthony watmough gay kiss

David’s kissing partner is his Manly teammate Anthony Watmough. Can we run their kissing photo again? Can someone explain to us what that “kangaroo” thing is about? What does it mean if David is referred to as a kangaroo?

david williams gay kiss anthony watmough

Oh, by the way, in an interview with DNA Magazine back in 2008, David revealed that he’d go gay for Heath L’Estrange. Oh, cool! David’s got good taste. He sure knows how to pick his man, no? Hey, before we end, we should give you this link to Speedo Guys in the Shower with David Williams and Brett Stewart.

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