David Swallow Shirtless Photos, Salary and Girlfriend


David Swallow Salary. Our hottie for the day is David Swallow, the young 21-year-old Australian rules footballer who, earlier this year, inked a three-year 1.5 million dollars contract to continue playing with the Gold Coast Suns. Not bad for a fine young man, eh? He’s only a year north of twenty and he’s already a millionaire.

David Swallow Speedo God. He sure is rocking in his Speedos (or budgie smuggler as the Aussies would call it). [Want more men in budgie smugglers?


David was drafted in 2011 by the Gold Coast Suns and was described back then, on the pages of The Advertiser (adelaidenow.com.au) as the “perfect draftee”. From The Advertiser:

IF YOU could genetically design the perfect draftee, David Swallow would be it.

If cloning were legal, every club would have their orders in now.

And if the sci-fi movies are correct and in the future we live in a world cohabited by robots, they would probably look like the Suns’ No.1 draft pick.

His captain this weekend, Campbell Brown, marvels at what Swallow can do. “He is ready to go, he and Maverick Weller probably have the two best bodies at the club,” he said.

“He certainly knows about it, he has never got a shirt on. No, he’s built like a man and certainly plays like it too, which is the most important thing.”

After three years of playing for the club, Swallow did not disappoint because, as already mentioned, he signed a new three-year deal with the Suns which would make him one of the club’s highest paid stars and continues to earn the trust of his coach Guy McKenna. From Courier Mail:

“It is a great sign of faith for him to invest back into the football club,” he said. “It paints a good picture for the rest of the young players that the club is going in the right direction.”

Swallow plays with almost peerless aggression at the contest and there has barely been a cheap possession in the 51 games he has played at AFL level.

McKenna describes Swallow as the ultimate combat footballer and freely admits he wishes the 21-year-old would occasionally sit outside the contest and collect an easy possession.

David Swallow Shirtless Photos. From 2011 when David was only 18 years old.


Training workout with his peers.


Let’s end this post with more quotes from coach McKenna about the awesomeness of one of his star players:

“David is very unique, you get very few combative footballers like that, he has already left a mark on the competition and he certainly makes life a lot easier for his team mates,” he said.

“I played alongside a bloke that was fairly rugged on a half back flank, Junior (Swallow) is just like him but he does it in the midfield.

“I remember trying to play like John Worsfold once and it took me three weeks to get over it. Junior does that every week.”

Does Junior have a girlfriend because we want to bring him home to mama? Well, we are out of luck because he is dating Georgia Homer.