David Nugent Shirtless, Calendar Model, Selfie Scandal

David Nugent Shirtless, Calendar Model, Selfie Scandal. We told you about English footballer David Nugent, right? Well, some of you are looking for his controversial cellphone photos so we have no choice but to give you what you desire. Hehe. But first, here’s David showing off his football shirt. His iPhone photos are after the jump.

david nugent selfie scandal

David’s photos. Or alleged photos, since its not been proven that its really him. Update: It’s been proven that it’s him.

david nugent shirtless selfie scandal2

So what’s the story about the above iPhone photos? According to the British tabloid, The Sun, our clothes-free Lothario met a teenage girl (well, she’s 19 so her age is not that scandalous) he wanted to impress so he sent her these pictures through his phone.

Instead of going, “Mmmm. Wow.” Or “Oh, my God!” the girl must have gone “Ewww, ewww, ewww” and then forwared the dick photo to her friends who, in turn, must have forwarded the pics to media outlets like The Sun.

One of the girl’s friends had this to say about the whole scandal (as quoted by The Sun): “They kissed and went off together but she had only just come out of a relationship and was a bit raw. She didn’t really want to know but he kept texting her — then the full-frontal arrived on her mobile. She couldn’t believe it.”

The source adds: “She was horrified. I was a bit shocked when I saw it myself, to be honest. He’s not exactly massive in that department, so God only knows what he thought he was going to achieve.”

Well, to be fair to our English footballer, maybe he’s what our gay friend Kenneth would call a “grower” rather than a “shower”.

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David Nugent Shirtless Photo (2017 Update). David Nugent poses shirtless in a calendar for Middlesbrough FC. Yay!

david nugent shirtless calendar middlesbrough fc

David Nugent Gay or Straight? The photo below of a young David enjoying himself with the boys is kinda gay but he is actually a straight dude.

david nugent gay or straight

He is in a relationship with Chloe Tee. The lovebirds are blessed with a girl. Here’s a photo of the family we grabbed from Chloe’s Twitter account:

david nugent girlfriend chloe tee

David Nugent Shirtless, Calendar Model, Gay or Girlfriend. Posted 9 June 2008. Updated 16 May 2017.