David Lambert on The Fosters: Young Hollywood Actor Hunk

David Lambert Latest Update. Once again, we are updating this post to bring you more photos of David Lambert and to note that he is now, apparently, single. We can hear Kevin saying, “Yay”, in the background. Haha. Anyhoo, The Fosters actor — who you can check out on Instagram @dglambert — called it quits with Kaya who was his girlfriend at the time we wrote our update back in 2017. He then went on to date Meg DeLacy, who was his co-star in The Fosters — but they also eventually parted ways. But here’s a pic of the two back when they were still together.

david lambert girlfriend meg delacy

And here are more recent photos of the actor looking cute as cute can be!

david lambert leather jacket and jeans

david lambert magazine

David Lambert Shirtless Photos (30 May 2017). We are updating this post for our friend Deena who wants some David Lambert Shirtless pics. First, here are some photos — which we grabbed from auscaps.me — screencapped from the 2013 movie, The Lifeguard.

david lambert shirtless - lifeguard

david lambert shirtless lifeguard

david lambert underwear boxer shorts

david lambert underwear boxer shorts smoking

And here’s a David Lambert shirtless scene from an episode of his television show The Fosters. Want more men in boxer shorts? Check out these men in white boxers underwear.

david lambert shirtless the fosters

David Lambert Gay or Girlfriend? He is straight and reportedly dating actress Kaya Rosenthal. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds.

David Lambert girlfriend kaya rosenthal

David Lambert on The Fosters: Young Hollywood Actor Hunk. Guess who will soon be back on your television? It’s former teen star David Lambert. According to IMDB, the now 20-year-old former star of Aaron Stone, has been cast in the TV drama, The Fosters which is reportedly being produced by Jennifer Lopez.

Scheduled to air on ABC Family this coming June 2013, The Fosters is “about a multi-ethnic family mix of foster and biological kids being raised by two moms”. Aside from David, who plays one of the kids, the cast includes Teri Polo, Sherri Saum, Jake T. Austin, Hayden Byerly, Maia Mitchell, Danny Nucci and Cierra Ramirez. We are, of course, looking forward to watching this show and we hope it would be a hit and not one of those new shows that are dropped after only a few episodes.

Anyhoo, to commemorate David’s impending return to television, here are some random things you might want to know about him:

He considers Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp as his acting role models. From an interview with crushable.com:

ON ROLE MODELS: I have many people that I look up to in the acting business, many inspirations. I’d say I have a real love for Tom Hanks. I feel like the man can do anything. He can make you truly laugh, cry, and everything in between. So many of his movies are in my list of classics. I also really like Johnny Depp. I really respect him because he took a route that not many people can take. He’s very eccentric, yet he has a note of very real human emotion and he somehow connects the two, which is awesome. I love all of his work and I think he’s incredibly talented and gifted. He’s doing exactly what he should do.

Does David Lambert have a girlfriend? Apparently none at the moment. What kind of girl does he want? He answers that question in an interview with Tiger Beat.

ON THE KIND OF GIRL HE WANTS: Hmm I’ve always had a thing for the girls that just acted like themselves and didn’t care what people thought of them. I’ve always loved that about girls so I guess it would mean that they’re confident and independent, oh and they have to have a sense of humor because i love to have a good time – haha – I’m probably too picky.

David Lambert - leather jacket

Apparently, our David has some talent in singing and that he used to be in a band. From an interview with Just Jared Jr.

ON SINGING AND BANDS: I’ve been a singer for some bands back home. Right now I’m studying and teaching myself how to play the piano. I might take some lessons later. I know a little guitar, and I used to play trumpet. When I went to school, I used to be in band. I still have my trumpet at home, actually.

ON A CAREER IN MUSIC: As of right now, it’s just something I love to do and have a passion for. It’s just a hobby. I have friends at home that play different instruments, and we kind of just jam together. Right now, acting is my main focus, but who knows what might happen.

Now, just because he sings isn’t an indicator that he is related to Adam Lambert as some of you are asking. No he is not Adam Lambert’s son. Neither are they brothers. They just share the same surname.

He lived for some time in Taiwan which he considers his favorite place. From crushable.com: “My favorite place would probably Taiwan, such an amazing place. The food there is incredible and the architecture of the buildings and the culture… it’s just all so amazing. I’d love to go back and take it all in again.”

So there. Now you know more stuff about one of the cutest young actors on the small screen. Let’s hope he goes shirtless (at least) or strips to his underwear (at most) for those of you who like your shirtless male celebrities and famous guys in their undies.

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