David Furnish Young, Shirtless, and Speedo Photos

David Furnish Young, Shirtless, and Speedo Photos. Over eight years later, we are making this update to note that the Daily Mail report about David Furnish cheating on and divorcing Elton and buying a house for his lover is nothing but a made-up story concocted by the British tabloids writers and editors. The couple are still going strong and are now the proud parents of two children.

Anyhoo, for those of you wondering what David looked like when he was younger, here are photos of him and Elton in 1996 and then in 2005 when they had their civil partnership ceremony:

david furnish young 1996

david furnish young 2005 marriage

And we’ve got shirtless photos of him too. Yay!

david furnish speedo underwear

david furnish shirtless

david furnish cheating on elton john

We saved the best for last which we grabbed from his Instagram @davidfurnish.

david furnish underwear

David Furnish and Danny Williams Sitting on a Tree?? (15 June 2015). Did David Furnish cheat on his husband, Elton John, with a hunky thirty-something personal trainer? We ask because of a gossipy report from the Daily Mail which alleges that David has bought a home for Danny Williams, a personal trainer he met in London when he went clubbing without Elton John.

Before we go on gossiping about this report, let’s remember that it is from the Daily Mail. It is in the Daily Mail’s nature to “scandalize” reports which are not at all scandalous.

After all, maybe David Furnish and Danny Williams are simply friends who love to hang out. Nothing wrong with that, right? Elton does not have to be friends with all of David’s friends. In the same manner, David does not have to be friends with all of Elton’s friends. In fact, in some instances, having friends that are not your partner’s friends can make for a healthier relationship with your partner.

Anyhoo, the Daily Mail also states that the house that David allegedly bought for Danny is a two-bedroom flat located in South London and costs £330,000.

Here’s a pic of an Elton-less David vacationing with Danny and a gorgeous dude.

david furnish danny williams gay lovers or just friends

More from the Daily Mail:

The report alleges that David and Danny, a personal trainer in a London gym, met during a night out, when Elton was not present and continued to party together.

Furnish and Danny were close and went out a lot on the gay scene. Elton would not be there as he does not like clubbing and was often away touring and working,’ claims a source.

The friends were seen out together for around 18 months, with photos from June 2012 showing the pair aboard a yacht in Portofino, Italy with other friends, before they headed to the Greek island of Mykonos while Sir Elton was on his Greatest Hits tour.

When asked to comment, Danny reportedly had this to say:

We were just friends, that’s all we ever was. I’m friends with both (Sir Elton and Furnish).

This was corroborated by a source interviewed by the Mail who had this to say about the report:

Danny is a friend of Elton’s as well and Elton doesn’t have a problem. There is absolutely not a crack in Elton and David’s relationship.

The same source stated that Danny is actually paying rent for the flat he is living in.

So there. Unless we see photos of David and Danny making out or something like that, we don’t think there’s any story here after all. The Daily Mail is just being the Daily Mail and we are being sucked by its salacious reports. We, admittedly, are no better for regurgitating crap. Guilty, Your Honors! We can’t help it, it’s also in our nature. Hehe.

David Furnish Young, Shirtless, and Speedo Photos. Posted 15 June 2015. Last updated: September 2, 2023 at 5:15 am.