David Dawson Shirtless, Hot, Gay in Real Life?

David Dawson Shirtless, Hot, Gay in Real Life? Look who’s playing Harry Styles male lover onscreen? It’s The Last Kingdom’s David Dawson, that’s who! The British actor will be starring with his countryman in the upcoming movie version of the novel My Policeman written by Bethan Roberts.

david dawson harry syles gay lovers

If you already read the novel, you would know that it tells the story of a policeman who gets married to a woman even though he is in love with another man. ore information from harpersbazaar.com:

A woman named Marion falls in love with a man named Tom. Years later, Tom strikes up a romance with a man named Patrick after they meet at a museum. With homophobia rampant during the time period, it’s “safer” for Tom, a policeman, to marry Marion. So she and Patrick have to secretly share him, “until one of them breaks and three lives are destroyed.”

david dawson gay harry styles lover in my policeman

Very interesting, huh? The shooting reportedly wrapped up in June this year so the movie is likely to be released next year (most likely in the first half). It is produced by Amazon Studios so make sure you have a Prime membership if you wanna check it out.

david dawson gay my policeman

Now, while we are waiting for My Policeman¬† (particularly to watch the scenes where Harry and David go intimate), let us check out these shirtless photos of David chilling in the bath with an equally shirtless Tom Hiddleston. These photos are from the BBC show The Hollow Crown where Hiddleston plays Prince Hal while Dawson plays the prince’s close confidant Ned Poins.

david dawson shirtless with tom hiddleston in the hollow crown3

Does these two get closer after taking off their trousers and getting sweaty in a sauna? Unfortunately, we did not watch the show so we can’t tell you if they did. Haha. It’s likely there was no hanky panky between these two if the TV show stayed true to the original Shakespeare plays from which the show is based.

david dawson shirtless with tom hiddleston in the hollow crown

Aside from My Policeman and The Hollow Crown, the 39-year-old British actor has starred in 22 other movies and TV shows including Banished where he gets to wear a cool navy uniform as Capt. David Collins. He also starred in Secret Diary of a Cool Girl and The Last Kingdom. Here are some photos from said three TV shows:

david dawson hot in uniform - banished

david dawson hot in navy uniform

david dawson hot in secret diary

david dawson shirtless in the last kingdom

David Dawson Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? In a video for Stonewall Day released in June this year, the actor comes out as a member of the LGBT community. We have no information on whether he is seeing anyone at the moment but we will update this post once we do have the info.

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