David Boreanaz Underwear & Gay Kiss With Craig Ferguson

David Boreanaz Underwear, Shirtless, and Gay Kiss With Craig Ferguson. To the delight of the crowd (and the Youtube commentariat), David Boreanaz and our favorite late night show host Craig Ferguson kiss on the lips when the former guested on the latter’s show, Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. Then they went on to joke about coming out. Hehe.

The clip is worth viewing if you are a fan of both celebrities and of guys making out like, you know, these football players kissing on the pitch. If you can’t view the video for some reason, here’s a still photo from the incident.

david boreanaz gay kiss with craig ferguson

Here’s the video of David Boreanaz gay kissing Craig Ferguson:

We’d like to think that the above video is what prompted silly rumor mongers to spread some “david boreanaz gay” rumors and which gave birth to questions like this one from sodahead.com: “one of my friend on face book just told me that david boreanaz is gay and i do’nt know what to belive.”

And this one from Yahoo! Answers: “Is David Boreanaz (Angel) bisexual or gay? or is he defintaly straight? people keep telling me that he is gay, is this true ??”

What do our friends from gay-or-straight.com think? Here’s their rating:

gay-o-meter/gaydar for David Boreanaz: According to 130 visitors David Boreanaz is 52% gay. However, the average gay-rating on gay-or-straight.com is 69%, which means David Boreanaz is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

What do we think? We agree with the sodaheader who had this to say:

I know for a fact he is and or was married to a woman. But of course just because one is doesn’t automatically mean they could not be gay. Tons of reason some do so knowing they are or not realizing until later.

Until there is real proof showing it, I don’t believe it. I don’t really care all too much. I’m not that much of a fan of his. Even if I did use to watch his show Angel. I was looking him up. Says he will be playing a gay character in a movie.

David Boreanaz Underwear. The movie referred to above would be the critically panned 2007 movie, Suffering Man’s Charity (also released as Ghost Writer) about a gay music teacher who befriends a younger man who may or may not be gay. Here’s a still photo from the straight-to-video (it’s apparently that bad) where David wears women’s underwear. Kinky, huh?

david boreanaz gay in womens underwear

If you’d rather see our hunky actor in traditional men’s underwear, we’d got some photos of that too. Check him out as Special Agent Seeley Booth wearing a pair of boxer shorts.

David Boreanaz underwear bones boxers

And another.

david boreanaz underwear boxer shorts as Seeley Booth

And another.

david boreanaz underwear boxers or briefs

But our David (or the characters he plays) is not an exclusive boxers underwear guy. He wears some tight briefs too as you can see in the next photos below.

Classic tighty whities is the way to go.

david boreanaz underwear white briefs

But skimpy black briefs can be sexy too.

david boreanaz underwear briefs

At 43 years old, our David is aging nicely, no? He’s looking fabulous in this shirtless photo taken a few years ago.

david boreanaz shirtless - running

And here’s one from when he was much younger. Yum. Just yum! Want more of David, check him out getting wet in our post about male celebrities in bathtubs.


So which of the above David Boreanaz underwear photos is your favorite?

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