David Birtwistle Girlfriend, Shirtless, Underwear: Too Hot to Handle

David Birtwistle Girlfriend, Shirtless, Underwear: Too Hot to Handle. Will Netflix’s reality TV programming strike gold with Too Hot to Handle as it did with The Circle and Love is Blind? Or will the dating show drop and is immediately forgotten? The answer remains to be seen, of course, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be the former rather than the latter.

Anyhoo, as you may already know, we here at Famewatcher are thirsty THOTs and hos who love to ogle at hunky reality TV contestants such as our imaginary boyfriend JP Gadelha of The Circle Brazil. So when we found out about Netlflix’s latest dating show, we wondered whether it’s cast would have someone we’d be adding to our list of imaginary boos (or is it beaus?).

Well, we might have found one in the British contestant David Birtwistle. Why do we love him you ask? Well, have you seen him? The guy has all the right muscles in the right places. Haha. Oh, and he loves wearing short shorts too.

David Birtwistle Too Hot to Handle - Shirtless body in short shorts

He also modeled underwear and swimwear for DH12 London, which is one of the product lines of the premium underwear brand D Hedral.

David Birtwistle underwear model for d hedral

David Birtwistle underwear model for dh12 londonl

David Birtwistle Too Hot to Handle - underwear model

Considering his sculpted washboard abs and all, we are not at all surprised that David bagged this modeling gig. Additionally, DH Hedral had this to say as to why they picked the hunky Londoner to model their outfits: “David Birtwistle has been chosen for his ability to overcome adversity and use his strengths, experience and education to help improve and transform people’s lives. Not only is he the perfect poster boy for personal training, he’s also working to further his education to achieve his long-term goals and ambitions.”

For those who are wondering, David is studying Petroleum Engineering apart from modeling and working as a physical trainer. If you want more of him, follow him @david.birtwistle on Instagram.

David Birtwistle workout - abs

How will David fare on Too Hot to Handle? Will he find himself a girlfriend? Will he have a favorable edit which can propel him to become one of the latest Netflix social media influencers with a million followers? Or will he turn out to be a douchebag villain that everybody hates? We sure hope it’s not the latter because we don’t like to hate on a guy who do not mind wearing Speedos and who looks good in them too. Haha.

David Birtwistle speedo swimwear

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